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Diabetes effects on healing process after circumcision operation


I have had diabetes for 16 years. I took Metformin and gliclacide for many years and have been injecting glucose twice a day 32 units per day into stomach

My question is does diabetes affect the healing after a circumcision operation when you are in your seventies? Any one with direct experience please. I believe I have painful infection. Still sore after 20 weeks. Red stitch area especially underneath and bruising around legs and stomach.

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Hi skertchly, my name is john. I am 46 and I know diabetes affects your healing. I inject insulin twice a day at 48 units each time. I have nasty black marks all over my legs from cat scratches. The marks range from a 1/4 inch to up to 4 inches in size. I would get a scratch and the sound will get bigger no matter what I do then it finally scans over and after about 6 months goes away. My doctor says everyone heals different. All I can say is keep going to your doctor or the doctor that did the operation. Hopefully one of both can help. If you have to go to a diabetes specialist. Hope this helps.

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