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Late night thoughts

Hidey ho. Like I said in my other post, I saw that some doctors were posting on here somewhere and I'm hoping that my thoughts may be considered and hopefully be tested. I have dealt with anxiety for about ten years. I was doing okay with citalopram and clonazepam but I don't like treating symptoms. I am a farmer. Meaning I fix problems. So I have been trying to do research and come to my own conclusions of the problem. I know anxiety is a mental condition but I believe even mental conditions have physical causes. Tonite I have been looking for biological causes of anxiety. Guess what; there is no cure. Take the pills exercise. Eat right. Do some yoga. That is all people have to say. I'm not satisfied with that! Though healthy eating and exercise are important even doctors say you are just treating symptoms. I want a cure. So I kept looking and finally found some basic information that seemed to me to be helpful in theory. I read that serotonin is metabolized in the liver. Well it got me thinking. People take sri s to increase available serotin. So why are we deficient? Well the liver plays a large role in detoxification as well as metabolism. So if you have a considerable amount of toxins or process a lot of foods that are hard to digest, I would assume that it would cause your liver to speed up processing. Well with the kidneys, if you use diuretics to get rid of excess water retention, you flush out a lot of your potassium and magnesium inadvertantly in the process. So it makes me wonder if our serotonin gets flushed out by an overactive liver the same way the kidneys flush out too much potassium. I know in the past before I had anxiety issues that when I quit using tobacco, that after my body detoxed that I felt a lot better mentally. Also when I eat less meat and more fresh veggies I tend to feel somewhat better. Also in the previously mentioned article that the author was talking about how serotonin is present in many places throughout the body and that 90%, I think it was, is actually present in our digestive tract to regulate muscle stimulation to make our bowls move properly. So it makes me wonder if we are depleting our serotonin stores by having bowl issues. The way I'm thinking of it is like a truck. If you have one truck hooked to a heavy trail or and one that is not, if you try to make them accelerate and travel at the same speed, which one runs out of gas first? Though our bodies obtain or create more, they can only do so so quickly. It's like you have a glass that has a hole in it, but as long as you pour water in faster than the hole leaks it out, you can still maintain a full glass of water right? But if you don't then the glass becomes depleted. Anyway those are my thoughts for now. Again I am not a doctor or claiming to be. This is all just redneck theory. If anyone has any thoughts or knows of any good research on the biological causes of anxiety I wouldn't be happy to hear it. God bless and peace out.