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I am not diabetic - yet!

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I am not diabetic yet - but I am high risk and need to do something to reduce my risks. I am overweight (not obese but a couple of stone too heavy and have a heart condition). My husband is T2 diabetic and he is underweight and always has been. Apparently 1 in 10 diabetics are not overweight. He gets tired of all the diabetic advice telling people to lose weight when he can't gain weight so he won't come on here himself.

I am looking for a diet that we can both follow. Him - to reduce his blood sugar and eat healthily, and maybe even reduce his need for metformin (which gives him side effects) and for me to reduce weight. Just to complicate matters I have an underactive thyroid (I am on the Thyroid UK forum) and haven't been able to lose weight on a calorie controlled diet but some people on there have recommended the Blood sugar diet.

I was wondering what people think of the Michael Mosely 8 week Blood Sugar diet, if they have tried it, and if it would be suitable for us both to follow. I've got so many diet books, I don't want to add to the clutter by buying another one if it won't help.


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I did the 8 week blood sugar diet, so did my hb. I am diabetic, he isn't. We have lost 2 stone each and maintain a low carb high fat diet. My sugar levels are ok now. We will continue to lose weight slowly, but lchf is a way of life so it's relatively easy. I don't know whether it would be ok for your hb, going low carb, but that's what brings down blood sugar. the high fat content makes up for low carb and provides energy. Needless to say, the diet excludes sugar as well. I highly recommend Michael Moseley, he knows the science. JanR

Thanks. I've ordered his recipe book - should arrive from Amazon tomorrow. Surely you didn't lose 2 stone in 8 weeks?

No, we started in march. Rob did lose I stone in the first 8 weeks, but it took me a bit longer to get going, I only managed 6 pounds. I gathered speed as I got going on 5:2, then 16:8 (all meals eaten within 8 hours, then fast for 16 hours, every day). Since May we ve both been gradually dropping, with a bit of plateauing now and then, as the resolve slips! But only minor blips. We also have the recipe book, and we love it! πŸ˜„

Thanks for replying. I just got a message from Amazon to say my book is out for delivery today! I have told my husband he is going to have to eat all the things he doesn't like. He didn't argue. He said he would give it a try!

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