Something about Jan

Something about Jan

My name is Jan Thompson. I am a senior citizen looking for a second income to bolster my Social Security. I have one son and two grandchildren, who are both grown and off doing their own thing. I find, after having a very busy life, I now have too much time and not enough money in my hopefully this will be the answer to my situation.

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  • Hi Jan, I don't know if you know that this is a site for ladies with ovarian cancer, how do you feel it can help. . I understand how you feel I work part time to bolster my income but most importantly to help me feel a bit normal, I have manage to keep my casual job in a local gift store all through my treatment, I also had a busy life before I was diagnosed and find the interaction with the public helpful. Hope you find the answer..Lorraine xx

  • No I did not realize it was for women with O. cancer. I do not qualify for that category of surveys. So I will excuse myself from the program. Thank you for the heads-up! Thanks, Jan

  • lorraine71- I don't know why you assert this is a site for Ovarian cancer, this is the HU group for clinical trials. At the very top of the page you are using to read this online it should say "Understanding Clinical Trials".

    I belong to another HU group ( CLLSA ) and my daily digest email has several postings from both groups mixed together - perhaps you were confused by that.


  • Hi Len, I was not confused I did not understand how this would help Jan to make some extra money clinical trials are very helpful for all sites . I did not realist you could make money from them. I'm in Australia and we do not get paid for trials. my understanding was that Jan was looking for work not a clinical trial this was not mentioned... with respect Lorraine

  • Hi jatco1 to clear up any confusion you can indeed receive compensation for participating in clinical trials in the U.S. We actually have a free online service at CISCRP where we can help you find clinical trials: You'll have to contact the research sites to get information about compensation.

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