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Denied for a trial because of a pre-existing condition? Share your experience here

Looking to start a conversation around pre-existing conditions and those who have been denied a spot in clinical trials because of them. The need for research to follow scientific method and eliminate variables is a significant part of why pre-existing conditions and exclusion criteria are a big part of patient eligibility. However there's a lot of frustration when a patient cannot get a medication due to something that is usually out of their control.

please share any experience with others here if you have had difficulty getting on a trial due to pre-existing conditions.

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No experience just some knowledge to share. If you live in a Right To Use State, you cannot be denied the use of any drug, whether FDA approved or not, experimental out of the lab, or something used in another country but nor here. There are only 23 States in the USA, that have this law, I live in N.C. and it is a Right To Use State, I know Florida is also. It requires a petition, to I think the Dept of State of your State, or State Health Dept. and forms have to be filled out, probably including having a Doctors place on the form for remarks. Each states law is different--so I cannot tell you how it works universally.

Go to Google, and ask, What are the Right To Use States in the USA; Re: Drugs

If you are an advanced Stage 4---you can go to Tapur.org. And see how this works. It is too long a summary--so you would need to read for yourself. You may find help there.

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Very interesting topic, looking forward to reading some of the other responses.

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