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Hi all,

I have recently joined this site and I am looking forward to helping answer all your clinical trial questions! I am currently a patient recruiter for clinical trials, but have previous experience working in a local operating room and major pharmacy. Feel free to ask me anything and I will try my best to answer or guide you to the next step in finding an answer.

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  • Welcome BDonovan! We're so glad to have you on board as one of our community ambassadors.

  • Do you know of any trials on the US for dome shaped macula, myopic degeneration, or chronic CSR?

  • Hi alalex101, CISCRP actually has a free online service to help you find clinical trials called Search Clinical Trials. On our online form you can specify medical conditions. The link is:

  • I use clinical to refer patients, but I am also going to look into CISCRP's service. I hope you find a beneficial trial!

  • Thank you for joining BDonovan! Your expertise will be a great addition.

  • So happy to have you as an Ambassador on the community BDonovan! Thanks for joining us :)

  • Can you explain to me the first steps of getting into a trial.

    My friend John has esphagous cancer

    The surgery failed cause the surgeon found another tumor and could not be removed.

    We live in Virginia

    will go out of state for treatment

  • Sure! Here is a link for esophageal cancer trials in Virginia. There were 20 recruiting in Virginia and over 100 in the U.S.! I recommend reading the descriptions of the trials and then browsing the 'Contacts and Locations' section and calling the site for more information. They will most likely ask you some questions to see if your friend would be a good candidate and if he is set up an appointment to review his history and the 'informed consent form' in person. Let me know if you need more information. :)

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