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I finally get it!

I finally get it!

Christmas has nothing to do with presents! In my household it also has nothing to do with Jesus either. It is entirely to do with spending time together as a (sort of) family. Okay so I am not complaining about my CD of Alfie Boe, Phantom of the opera 25th anniversary DVD and CD, various fuzzy/flashing things, some VERY comfortable socks, a calander with GORGEOUS bunnies for next year and best of all, a hand knitted pink jumper with rabbits on from my Mum... but spending time with Mum, my step-dad and brother was brilliant. My brother even said my present to him (a mug in the shape of a boobie) was his favourite!

No one batted an eyelid at my tics which was great. I think everyone is finally accepting that they are a part of me. I even ticced one of my brothers' friends names at one point but he just laughed!

Before I went home, we played trivial pursuit. My Aspergers came in handy for this because I knew quite a lot of the answers. Mum couldn't understand how I knew some of them, such as who Joseph Smith was and what he did in the 1800s (founded the Mormon church), the 'argumentative' term used to describe the aftermath of radiation (fallout), what EPA protected in the USA (the environment). My answers about how I knew the answers are even funnier: South Park, an obsession with everything to do with Chernobyl when I was 17, the Simpsons! For next year, I plan to memorise as many random facts as possible!

The only one who was missing this year was my darling little Jenifer. I didn't find myself crying, rather thinking about the brilliant times we had with her over the past 8 years. I bought Ralphy a little extendable tube which he was frightened of at first, but was soon running in and out of. I also gave him his own 'Christmas dinner'; the leftover brussel sprouts and carrot peelings! For a rabbit with no teeth he sure loves his food!

I went on a bit of a naughty binge spend today. I can be quite impulsive with money, so when I discovered that I had £117 left over... well not much of it is left... Me and Ralph have plenty though so I am not worried. It wasn't a complete waste either... well okay the Now 80 CD wasn't 100% necessary, but I have FINALLY replaced the wireless headphones that were mysteriously broken whilst in the 'care' of my brother... I haven't tried them out yet because they are charging, but I am hoping that I will relax once again with them because when I am getting freaked out by noise, they are really handy and can go within 100 meters of the device it is plugged into!

So yeah, although I am in agony with constipation (tmi I know...), I have had a good time. I didn't even get too depressed today (boxing day) which I sometimes do. Instead I listened to Now 80, went for my weekly shop, then for a long walk, collapsed in bed for about 2 hours sleeping and now I am going to watch Edward Scissorhands. I have seen it before but I don't mind watching it again. It gives me something to do.

So... Happy yesterday Christmas and a happy new year.

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Yep I'm missing the Moseys, I'm even missing the Jenningses (see blog) I miss general silliness with my brothers, we revert to a second childhood together. When you have children you can sort of relive it through your own children (see blog) by brother has or rather Santa bought Evan a He-man sword for Christmas. Something that Steve never got himself.


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