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April Fool

Not really. Would I do that to you? I would but I’m feeling too tired, I didn’t manage to get to sleep until 5am last night/this morning depending on which way you look at it. It’s the same old thing lying there ticcing away my head jerking away until I feel it’s about to un-screw it’s self and come off (sometimes I wish it would, being detached from my brain would probably give me a bit of a rest) but my brain does feel as though it’s been shaken. I’ve tried lots of different methods to try and help me sleep, some good such as drinking chamomile tea, eating yogurt, wholemeal pita bread and humus, the bad such as red wine, Guinness, cocodamol and the downright ugly; other people’s tramadol, (please do not try that one at home) running around the block and banging my head against the bedstead (also please don’t try that one either). So you can see the desperation that being unable to sleep can bring. I mustn’t forget the herbal remedies that you can buy in health-food shops and chemists. So before I pop a couple of Zopiclone (mine – prescribed by my psychiatrist) I’ll let you into some of my plans (I sit stroking Lili rather like Dr Evil) or rather I’ll keep you hanging on for the interesting ones because you think I’m pulling your leg. Oh, go on then, see if you can guess which ones are real and which ones are complete and utter fibs…….

1.I’m meeting with Ed Milliband to discuss how Labour polices will effect ticcers.

2.I’m being interviewed tomorrow for a magazine.

3.I’m going to blog everyday for a month.

4.I’m planning a ticcy roadshow which will be making its way to a shopping centre/supermarket near you.

5.I’ve got a new job starting in a fortnight.

6.I’ve just laid a massive egg.

7.I’m standing as councilor for the Socialist Alternative Party in Bedworth next month.

8.I’d like to get a new campaign underway and I’d like you to have some input into what you’d like me to campaign for.

9.Remember, I have Ed Milliband’s mobile number.

10.I managed not to shout in a public place for around 1 hour! That’s pretty good for me.

That’s about it I think except that I have actually rescheduled the trip to Cadbury’s World that go snowed of a short time ago. It’s now on the 20th April, if you fancy coming along please get in touch.

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I think 3 & 6 are fibs. At least, I really hope 6 is! :-)


Number 6 is a fib.


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