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It’s been over a month now but I feel as though I still haven’t recovered. A good friend of mine told me that I should list any tic-related injuries that I incur, so now to add to having stabbed myself with a pencil and scalding myself whilst filling a hot water bottle amongst others I have now almost reached the pinnacle of tic-induced injuries: the sprained ankle. There I was going about my own business and somebody knocks on the door, probably the postman, about 4 or 5 stairs from the bottom, head shake tic, swear and thud, somehow I land on the hall floor (cheep landlord special laminate flooring) I manage to reach up and open the door, and sign for my neighbor’s parcel the postman looking down at me concerned “Are you alright” I give him my usual reply “I’m ok thanks” he leaves and I find that my right foot has doubled in size and I can’t get up, I’m stuck. About 10 minutes later Pete arrives and moves me into the lounge, props up my foot and puts a cold flannel on it. He tries some first aid questions, “Can you wiggle your toes? Can you move your foot? I think you’ve sprained it?” At this revelation he goes off to call his cousin “Ha-ha guess what Humpty Dumpty’s done? She fell down the stairs” This news prompts his cousin and partner to come around, I think she has a fascination for injuries, they have a good look. After a call to my GP and a cup of tea we finally make our way to George Eliot hospital to A&E. Why couldn’t he have called a friend with a car rather than a van is nobody’s guess, I hop to the kitchen door, I can’t get over the threshold so the Viking biker chick picks me up like a shop mannequin and carries me to the van. After a short wait along with a small child who for about 5 seconds thought it was funny that I copied him until his dad told him off I’m off to see a doctor, he looks it and send me for an x-ray. Having Tourette’s syndrome and having an x-ray are a difficult combination for me, I find it VERY difficult to hold still for the few seconds that’s needed, the x-ray ladies are very patient and it takes a couple of attempts. The registrar that I saw returns about 20 minutes later and tells me I haven’t broken anything but sprained my ankle and to rest it (obviously, it hurts and I can’t put any weight on it) raise it, put a cold compress on it and to take paracetamol or ibroprofen. I follow his instructions to a tee, well kind of, after 2 days I seriously stink and I have a bath, I just had to. I’m just driven to shower or bath everyday regardless.

Its tedious being stuck at home unable to move and didn’t think that it would have an emotional effect on me. Whilst I’ve been stuck at home I’ve missed a Neurological Alliance meeting in London and meeting up with a couple of ticcy friends down in London too. I had just bought a Dictaphone and the cute little tapes it needs too. (Poor memory at the moment so just note taking may not be enough) Also the café where I’ve been voluntary work has lost its funding and had to close, so I won’t get to see any of the guys that would come along to paint and draw. I never got to go to their closing event to say goodbye. There’s a big hole left in my life now, it’s like when you’re made redundant, or sacked.

Even though the majority of the swelling has gone down and the bruises have gone it’s still quite painful at times and I can’t get very far, pottering around Lidl is enough. I now feel quite wary of going out, not just because of my foot but my tics also. Picture the scene, I’m being served at Bedworth Post Office, Pete is waiting by the door, I tic “There’s a bomb in that parcel” as the nice lady behind the counter puts my parcel in the hamper/trolley thing with the other parcels, she realizes it’s a tic I tell her it’s actually a nice old smelly vintage book and she smiles about it, immediately I turn to leave and spot a man come in with a parcel and tic “He’s got a bomb” at the man, I explain immediately that I have Tourette’s, he’s ok but where’s Pete, he’s off and I hobble after him, he’s found the whole parcel/bomb mix-up scenario TOO embarrassing. I’m just find this precious embarrassment too much, I just wish he could go with the flow like the majority of strangers do and just take it for what it is – a tic, it’s nothing!

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yes !!! I have poured boiling water over my chest due to ticking done the splits in the kitchen doing a silly tic related dance stabbed/cut my-self prepping in the kitchen fallen due to spilling drinks sprained ankles given my-self tennis elbow due to my hip tick bruised my chest due to a like (lol) me tarxan tic further laffs the key on the left of the x aint working !!! he lives in the jungle ! my vocal latest tic is Hello was in the garden other day n me neighbour said "hi steve are you busy" and I hadn't spoke to hear back to inquires scratched face knee tick against kitchen cabinet doors hurts me knee badly (note to self need a lap top) fallen on stairs etc. etc. do think that was good advise to keep record of such injuries as I have been doing for years given changes in DLA etc.


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