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!!!URGENT!!! Please take time to read this then write to your MP!!!

Hundreds of thousands of disabled and sick people will be wrongly found fit for work and lose vital financial support if government proposals timetabled for 28 January go through.

Your MP can make a difference. They can initiate or sign a Motion to annul these regulations. If enough MPs make a fuss, the Government might withdraw these regulations.

A Briefing on the new ESA regulations along with an URGENT LETTER TO YOUR MP (a word document download) can be found here.

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Have you seen the LIMA handbook ?- LIMA is the computer sustem that ATOS, it's not looking good for us ticcers as the pull down menus on the LIMA system relating to what meds a person is taking the meds are listed in the BNF - the book that doctors used to help with prescribing, as you know some of our TS consultants are at the top of their game and are at the forfront of TS research so of course some of us maybe trying out new meds etc. Currently if I were to walk into a WCA and hand the assessor my meds they would be puzzled as non of my meds relates to my TS yet my tics would be the most noticable thing I could guess that what was going through her (atos assessor's) head was how could this woman who shouts "F*** off b****" randomly fit into any workplace. In my opinion it's my bi-polar which is causing the problems and thus warrants the meds. Also with regards to "work based support" something that us peeps with mental health problems (that's moi) can get through access to work is counselling to try and keep you in work. So what if like for people who may find a wheelchair useful but their consulant and physio says "no, keep mobile" but atos is already imagining them wheeling across an office the atos assessor is imagining you having a weekly chat with an non-existant conselor? I read somewhere I can't remember where but people with MH problems as even less likely to get a job than people with physical disabilities.

Another problem I also have is that I can over estimate myself, I can talk the talk and plan a trip to conquer Everest but in actuality having a shower is a major task.


So I suppose this means if one doesn't take meds. there's nothing wrong with them? I find that totally absurd. I was addicted to prescription meds, in the 1970's never again! Many disabled people want to work, they want to be involved in mainstream activities not side tracked into only doing what 'disabled people are supposed to do'. Employers need to take a reality check and realise that disabled people can do normal things. As the saying goes 'if you keep doing things the same way, you'll get the same result'.


Also the fact that they don't take the side-effects into consideration is just plain disgusting. I would like to type loads here about it ......


Here's how it would work - bear in mind a lot of us ticcers take anti-psychotics too.


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