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NOSI Mosey

NOSI Mosey

For me at the moment one of the most distressing parts of my TS is my NOSI, that’s Non-Obscene Socially Inappropriate, that’s me shouting the most ridiculously, childish insults that anyone could ever dream up, usually I’d prefer to insult people in a more intelligent way. Having NOSI is like being constantly being followed by Father Dougal Maguire who is giving you a running commentary on those around you, for example there I am on the bus home, one of my fellow travellers is an African woman who like some Muslim women is wearing her hair tightly wrapped up in a scarf, a white scarf, the Dougal within is shouting “ah, look at the woman with her head in a bandage, bandage head” I’m fighting the urge to shout and my conscience tells me that’s a racist comment. Bandageheadbandageheadbandagehead “BANDAGE HEAD” it’s out there, did anybody hear me? There was certainly no need to insult the woman like that. Unlike coprolalia where those around you have got the message that you’ve got Tourettes, shouting explained, NOSI however is not what the media portray usually with regards to fictional ticcers so people aren’t as inclined to believe your that your strange outburst would be attributed to Tourettes. The victims of my NOSI, I call them victims as they don’t deserve to be shouted at by me, some of these victims get it on a regular basis and a take my hat off to those who time after time just take it on the chin, one of them I don’t even know his name! These unwitting victims basically fall into 4 categories;

The larger person. These poor folk get the Dougal within me going, stranger in the street, friend or colleague out comes “FAT” it ain’t big and it ain’t clever, just downright embarrassing.

The people who look vaguely like a famous person. There’s a poor man who I frequently see in Bedworth, he bears a slight resemblance to Elvis in his later years but obviously you wouldn’t see him in the baked goods aisle of Tescos sporting a glittery jumpsuit, But he does say “Uhh huh,huh” back to me like Elvis did. Having a Bryan Ferry look-alike playing drums for you could have been an awkward situation but he too took it well and was quite happy that I thought he bared a resemblance to the suave Geordie singer. I managed to hold it together when I did see the real Janet Street Porter when I was down in London just before Christmas.

People wearing interesting items of clothing. This is fairly random be it a fashion faux-pas or something I’d quite like myself, these poor unfortunates get the NOSI treatment too. Those who get the compliments either avoid, me or we end up striking up a conversation. I did get some odd looks when the Dougal within spotted a couple of trainspotters complete with flasks at Milton Keynes Station once. I think I’d rather have TS than be a trainspotter, those anoraks were hideous.

Somebody I don’t know very well or have just been introduced to. Basically with these people there seems to be a fascination with their name, and now is not the time or the place to shout out their name. Lately I’ve been doing a short course on E-commerce, one of the tutors, lets call him Mike starts the session …”MIKE” …”what is it?”, “nothing, that was just a tic, please ignore me”. A little later…”MIKE” you get the picture, this could try the patience of a saint let alone getting on the nerves of a lapsed agnostic Catholic who frequently calls out to people. I’m finding this tic quite bothersome, one day I feel I might be answered by “Shut up and go away!”.

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Hi Catherine, even though your blog has made me laugh this moring it really is quite sad because as all we sufferers know TS can be so dibilitating it not only drives us insane but it embarres us, frustrates us, stops us from doing things that other people take for granted but more importantly makes us feel so down we dread getting up in the mornings.

I dont have any advice for you but want you to know that I certainly look forward to what you have to say as I am sure many other people who login do too.

Keep them coming Catherine!

ps. can anyone out there explain to me how I start a blog?


My NOSI irritates the hell out of me too. I like the way you compared it to Dougal because he is like that! Most of my inappropriate comments are to do with buxom ladies and large bottoms. I too have shouted 'fat' at a larger member of the public it's SO embarrassing. Luckily the man in question didn't seem to realise I was shouting in his direction... Could have been quite upsetting for both of us...


I used to have the "FAT!" one. Not sure I knew it was called NOSI though. This particular tic also taught me a lesson about not suppressing: I saw a rather large person in the distance, and decided I could suppress until we'd passed each other. My suppression skills last until we were about a foot or two apart, at which point I yelled "FATTY FAT FAT" and ran off in embarrassment. Just as enjoyable as in the documentaries.

The one about people-who-look-like-famous-people sounds interesting. Does it just involve shouting the person's name?


Little Clapham - I shout out at my buxom-ness (is that actually a word??!!)

I think the one that stays with me the most was at my Mum's house last year having a family gathering for my Nan's 80th birthday and all of a sudden I blurted out (and quite loudly too!) "F**k me, my tit's are huge!" My 21 yr old niece just stood next to me and said, "Alright Deb, no need to boast!" Had everyone in stitches!

There's also a Mum at the school where I work (yes, they let ticcers in as teaching assistants!! Early Years age too!!) and she has the hugest backside known to man and the urge not to start singing (excuse me if I get the words a bit wrong) "I like big butts and I cannot lie!!" a la Donkey in Shrek!! That's a killer, really!

I fight, fight, fight the urge to say what is going over and over and over in my mind so I mumble it to myself as quietly as I can to almost get the tic-release satisfaction, if you see what I mean.