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How to survive your initial appointment with your TS Specialist

How to survive your initial appointment with your TS Specialist

I was initially going to write about something else, but I’ve been inspired by a thread on the TA forum so I’m going to write a quick guide to help you get through your first appointment with your new TS specialist.

1. The waiting room – you may or may not encounter other ticcers, but I would suggest that a partner or relative accompanies you to protect you from the dangers that may lurk within the water dispenser or underneath the magazines.

2. Your first meeting with the TS specialist, he’s quite a friendly chap and will want to engage in a conversation with you, this would be a good opportunity to look him intently in the eyes whilst shaking his hand and tell him how much you enjoyed seeing the picture of him in the Tourettes Action Enewsleter. tourettes-action.healthunlo...

3. You need not worry about suppressing any tics that you have, he is a TS consultant he’s seen all sorts of tics so there is no need to worry about that tic where you shout “Juventus are a bunch a whimpy girlies that can’t play football”.

4. To keep the conversation going get out the copy of his book that you have borrowed from your local library and ask him to sign it.

5. At the end of the consultation when he advises you to return in 3 or 6 months time you must try and hide your disappointment and not enquire about seeing him again tomorrow.

I would strongly suggest to take any advice that I give with a large pinch of salt, however there is a far better and more concise guide to your first appointment on the TA website, please disregard any advice I have given after reading the TA guide.

It was written just for amusement and not intended to cause any offence to any TS consultants or footballers.

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