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Can the body become immune to Clonidine quickly. anyone the same experience?

My son was given Clonidine on 24th October. dosage was 1 daily. the Tics stopped almost overnight but the main difference was how much happier and calmer he was. turns out he has ADD so we think the tablets are addressing this issue. However, at the beginning of week 2 on the meds the tics started to come back ever so gradually so we upped the dosage to 2 daily. Now we are up to the max dose of 3 daily beginning week 3 as the tics have got much worse and now he is off school again. Has anyone else found this with Clonidine? Is there something else that anyone would recommen

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Hi, it maybe the clonidine didn't have a real effect to start with. Placebo effect can be very powerful. My son is on 5mg Aripiprazole daily, which works for him but I know from these blogs that it doesn't work for everyone. If you choose to stop the clonidine you'll need to wean him off I think, don't stop suddenly.


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It's Seonaid here, the research manager from Tourettes Action. Although we really can't comment on medications (as we are not medically trained) our advice would be to contact your GP or specialist (whoever it was who prescribed the medication) as soon as you can regarding the effects. They should be happy to talk to you about this, it is common to have other issues such as ADHD, OCD, or anxiety etc as well as Tourettes Syndrome (as I am sure you know). The specialist would be very interested to talk to you about this and hopefully would strive to make sure that the medications for the different issues your son has were appropriate and treating the right symptoms of the different things. I wish you the very best with this and hope this might be helpful.


OMG you all have to forgive me......Looking at the word Clonidine just took me back almost 20 years. When I was diagnosed with Tourettes it was obvious I had it because I was out of control until bed time although not all my tics were obvious to others. Anyway the family docotor prescribed me this medicationand although my mother can be more spoecific I remember feeling like a zombie. The only reason I rememebr that med working is because I was too stoned to do anything else. As with all meds though be sure to bring your concerns to a family doctor.


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