But I only wanted a referral!

But I only wanted a referral!

I got the letter today. I have to wait another 2 months before I see a neurologist at Addenbrookes. Frankly, I am pretty sure at this rate, without medication, that I will be either seriously injured or killed in the next two months because my tics are getting that bad that they are physically harming me. Either that or some random stranger is on the receiving end of one of my punches or grabs and they do the deed for me... Thank God I've got support workers...

Needless to say, at the moment, I refuse to go out by myself. I need 1:1 support otherwise who knows what will happen? Tesco seems to be my TS's favourite place and I ended up on the floor banging my head about 10 times today, crashing the trolley into a pillar which it then swore at, screeching and generally had my arms flailing about, mostly trying to whack me on the head. Needless to say someone started to stare at me... took a second look, then gave me a really nasty look. I lost my patience. As soon as I passed him, I curled up under my trolley and cried. I said, 'yeah I know I am a freak, you don't have to keep staring' which was totally stupid but hey, my Aspergers took over at that precise moment and made me want to rock in a ball.

So much for optimism... Love our NHS really (sarcasm)

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  • well you have me and Charlies support. We know all too well what the public are like unsympathetic unless something affects them personally. I am very disapionted in human beings they are very cruel if you need support doint hesitate to ring. 07505459934 regards john &Charlie Turvey

  • Poor you :( Two months is not bad it could be worse, but it's a nightmare waiting.

  • I swear to God I am seriously going to lose it soon. I am NOT coping one bit... I'm going to try and see our psychiatrist (who works with the company I live in) to see if he can give me some medication as a temporary calming measure because I am SO fed up right now :(

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