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Freak Like Me

Freak Like Me

I’ve just discovered a new TV programme, in fact after watching one episode I’ve gone the whole hog and watched the whole series so far on BBCiplayer.

After watching it I really feel quite good about myself and my many quirks, some other people’s quirks leave a lot to be desired and there were at least 3 men I have vowed never to date – here’s a short list (inspired by the girl who writes lists)

1.The guy who collects his own farts (disgusting, smelly…blah, blah…)

2.The guy who obsessively cleans his car (you see why he still lives at home with his mum)

3.The guy who eats food out of bins (say no more!)

This programme got me thinking about all my little habits/preferences/quirks whatever you’d like to call them I’m sure any neurologist or psychiatrist would have another name for them. In particular I was thinking about the people featured, were they just talking about one of their little obsessions? (I use that term loosely) Or did they have a collection of many and just spoke about one particular one? I have plenty, so like the girl who likes to write lists (lists are great, the help keep things in order and help to get things done too!) I will write a list of all my little quirks/habits/preferences whatever they are in no particular order.

1.Brushing my teeth, every morning, every night without fail and preferably after meals and prior to leaving my house.

2.Wearing matching underwear, I’m beginning to wean myself off this, but I still dread being run over by a bus and being found wearing miss-matching bra and knickers.

3.Ironing tea towels, putting crumpled tea-towels away in their draw is just WRONG.

4.Ironing pillow cases. (see above)

5.Ironing cloth handkerchiefs, I need to know which ones are clean, they stack up quite nicely when ironed.

6.Drinking out of the same cup, I feel violated if someone else drank out of my cup; if you come to my house please don’t use the purple cup with blue spots.

7.People wearing shoes in my lounge, this is just awful, scary even, shoes are for outside, please leave your dirt from outside on the door mat. EEEEWWWW. If you wear your shoes upstairs I will cry.

8.Showering/bathing, I MUST do this once a day. Simple personal hygiene.

9.Time to get out of bed. The time to get out of bed must be divisible by 5. Any other number that isn’t the time must be even. Never the number….well you know.

10. Dog poo. I could never have a dog….it’s the poo, I sometimes have to cross the road if there’s dog poo on the pavement, I can’t walk through grass without becoming anxious that I may step in some. I would like to go for a run around the village playing field but I know that a neighbour and his 6 schnauzers have been there before me.

11.Smelling things, my fingers, my clothes, my cat, my boyfriend, books, food I’m even compelled to smell things that I know will smell really bad ( wheelie bin, cat food, boyfriend’s discarded dirty clothes).

12.Checking my emails, I’m not sure how many times a day but I know that often I’ve replied before you finished your email to me. I hate it when people don’t reply (returning texts and calls applies here too).

13.Keeping my CDs in alphabetical order. That’s just good sense really.

I think that’s about it, there’s probably more but it’s now time for my bedtime ritual – toast, camomile tea, risperidone. What an exciting life I lead.

Some interesting drawings and photographs -including the one above.

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The tic, i find the most peculiar of Charlie is for charlie to turn the Taps on and off and him making a vocal tick, noise, at the same time LOL.


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