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Motor Tics Disorder and now OCD

My son (almost 15) has had tics since he was 6. At aged 8 he was referred by our GP to a child neurologist who confirmed transient Motor Tic Disorder (not TS as no vocalisation). His tics became known as 'his habits' and he has coped with these waxing and waning. Weirdly his tics seem to disappear in summer and be at their worst in winter! He has coped at school but was referred to a Ed Psyc just before going to high school as some anxieties had come out at school. Lately he has shown clear signs of OCD and I wondered if these changes were linked to his hormones? If so is it possible his motor tics will also become full TS at this time in his life? Should I go back to my GP? Was thinking of trying rescue remedy - does this help anxieties? Apart from giving him support I am not sure what would be hlepful right now.

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I don't believe there has to be vocalisation for TS. I think transient motor tic disorder is that fancy name assigned to people of that age because many exibit habits but not all continue with them after their teens. Instead of diagnosing TS they say he/she has these habits or motor tics. I'm surprised the Psyc hasn't explained this better as your son is at this defining age where he will lose them or continue with them for many years, and yes anything is possible, but I can only say my tuppenceworth based on my experience, I am not medically qualified in any way. I know several people with OCD, not one has any form of TS. Being that your son has habits and displays OCD, he is having his own internal wars and all you can do is support him the best way you think you can. Try and understand what his stressors are and feel free to be more protetive than usual as a parent because you are trying to create the best stress free environment that you can. If you understand what he is going through and are there for him then that's half the battle. My mother tried her best god bless her but I always felt the freak of the family and it made things worse for my condition. All strength to you and your son.


Actually as far as I know to be diagnosed with Tourette's you need to exhibit both motor tics *and* vocal tics, not just one or the other.


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