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First some good news! I have met a beautiful rabbit today who (fingers crossed) will be Ralph's girlfriend. Her current name is Dolly Parton (yuck!) but she will be known as 'Lorenne' (Ralph Lauren get it?). She is a Himalayan/lionhead x but there isn't much lionhead in her so she looks more like a regular Himalayan (pictured). I have reserved her and over the next month Ralph will meet her in the shelter and become better acquainted. Hopefully there will be no fighting because I will be sad if there is! Dolly/Lorenne seemed pretty relaxed and friendly with her sisters though and Ralphy is a big softy!

Mooooving on....

I have been feeling absolutely rubbish the past week. I think I just worked myself up into a massive stress and triggered a bad bout of IBS. For two days I literally had to force feed myself because I just wasn't at all hungry and my tummy hurt :( Tonight I managed two burgers (greedy!) and chips so it's obviously getting a bit better. The strange thing is though, when my IBS attacks get bad, my tics calm down! I don't know if it is just that I make more effort to supress them to avoid the inevitable pain, however I don't think it is because I usually feel very agitated when I do that. Today though, feeling a lot better, the tics have come back to play. Oh and guess where one of them is... In my bowel... AAARGH! It feels like someone stabbing me over and over in the gut! It really isn't helping with the whole IBS situation.

Although the TS has been pretty calm while I have been unwell, the vocals and echolalia continued. I was standing in the kitchen and one of the other residents was watching Cbeebies. There was a story time or something on and it was telling the story of dragons. One of them was called 'spiky dragon'. I repeated it without the 's'... whoops... I also have an urge to yell 'LION' at cats (thanks to the recent 'Essex lion' scare). After a really bad headache (possibly a migraine although I haven't been diagnosed), my eye tics have returned. Not quite as bad as before... touch wood... but painful. It's a bit annoying really because I want to show the staff here that I am safe to ride a bike by myself but I am not really when my eyes keep rolling away!

Anyway, tonight is the Xfactor. People keep telling me that I should go on it, but I can't stand the idea of fame! (did that sound big headed that I assumed fame?) Regardless of whether I made it or not, It's not the life I want. I'll let someone else have it. I'm quite happy to carry on singing alone in my bedroom! I am thinking about joining the local theatre group though as they do quite a lot of musicals. I am quite a good singer, pitch perfect apparently, but I don't know if I am good enough for a musical! I'll let them decide. They might take pity on me and cast me as a flower or something...

Pop hwyl (Catherine will understand!)

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I've been looking for a friend for Lili, he's made friends with Belle who lives down the road, shortly before he had his little visit to the PDSA we thought (that's us and Belle's humans) thought that some little kitties would be on the way, but it just turned out she was a bit tubby, she was abandonded by an ex-neighbour and taken in by her current humans so they wern't sure if she'd been spayed or not. So we're looking for a friend, friendly, playful and lively, basically a female version of him ( another Belle) that will live with him.

Nos dda cariad xx


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