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Deer Ed

Deer Ed

I had a marvelous time yesterday. Yesterday was what running a TS support group is all about, myself, me Julie (Collier, TA groups support manager) a couple of young ticcers and their mums had a fantastic day being at one with nature hunting bugs and getting lost in mazes. I must also add a big huge thank you not just from me but from our three junior group members and their mums to Dr Hugh Rickards who some months ago made a donation to our group. What was a big thank you for me was seeing their tired faces at the end of the day accompanied by cries of “Mum, can we come back tomorrow?”

But, a quick change of hat to the policy officer hat and a very important and pressing issue. Earlier this week on Monday evening finally it was exposed to the non-disabled community via two TV programmes what us ticcers that are currently un-able to work are put through in order to be able to live (or rather claim the benefits that we need to feed ourselves and put a roof over our heads). Channel 4 aired “Dispatches” “Britain on the Sick” where a doctor went undercover to train as an Atos assessor. Even if you have a job or are a parent of a ticcer you must watch this.

Straight afterwards on BBC2 “Panorama” was aired which featured interviews with individuals that have been through the Work Capability Assessment and undercover footage of a couple of ESA claimants going through their assessment, cut in with interviews with Chris Grayling blatantly denying some of the finds that were made by the “Dispatches” team. This programme must also be watched to be believed.

As a result of these two shows the blogosphere has stepped up. Our favorite esteemed journalist Sonia Poulton has written an open letter to Labour leader Ed Miliband, she hopes to hand this letter to him personally. So far this letter has gone viral; it hasn’t just been signed by members of the disabled community but by doctors and other that saw the two programmes also. If you haven’t already signed the letter, please do, share it with friends get them to sign it also.

If you have any problems using this link please let me know as I will get you an alternate link.

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The letter can still be signed up until midnight on Saturday.