I Need a Good Kick up the A***

I Need a Good Kick up the A***

Seriously kick me, I’ve got myself into a bit of a flug (made up work, it’s a cross between a slug and fog), my sloth like form hasn’t been very far or done anything much, I’ve been living the existence of pond algae. One of the main reasons this has happened, or rather my theory is the heat, that’s it I’m blaming something I have no control over rather myself. I’ve slept very little over the last few days, but I’m not that tired, despite the constant fear the open bedroom window is an open invitation to every creepy crawly, flying nasty and masked burglar I have managed to get about 5 hours in per night. It’s not just me who’s been feeling like this, I was awoken the other night by somebody (feline) chasing a huge moth around the bedroom knocking lamps over and then later try to escape through the window. One of the things that have got my attention this week is the plight of our furry friends and how Battersea dog and cats home are over run with cats and dogs that have become homeless due to their owners having to move into rented property, apparently the least popular colour of cat is black and white, poor old Felix, also the older cats and disabled cats are being overlooked for cute kittens. It has been well documented that having a furry friend (not a bearded man) is good for your mental health. This trend for landlords and even social housing landlords to ban pets is quite a worrying trend, particularly when you take into consideration many people who have disabilities, mental health problems or elderly live in rented accommodation, I know I would hate not to have a cat about the place, they intrinsically know when you’re not up to par and look after you in their own way, it’s a shame really that Sasha doesn’t have opposable thumbs or is tall enough to reach the kettle. This news article came to me via the Coventry Cat Group, a small charity that you’ve guessed it, take in cats and re-home them, they do have a lovely chap I was very tempted to adopt, but however I would have a power struggle on my hands, one bossy 11 year old female Russian blue versus Mog, the 3 legged big black 6 year old moggie, who’s described as a “bit of an alpha male”. But if you do fancy a new furry friend consider Mog, if you see beyond his injuries he’s quite a handsome chappy. coventrycatgroup.org.uk/ado...

Something else that’s been in the news and has got the grey matter whirring is the new on-line epetition that’s been set up on the Parliament website, so far the petitions that have the attention of the media are for the death penalty to be reinstated, which is very frightening and disturbs me. I would have hoped that the UK was a civilised place, should we bring back stoning? I think not and also that Jeremy Clarkson should be PM. This is quite disturbing too, could you imagine it?

One interesting thing that I have been up to is that I’ve somehow managed to get involved with the world of internet dating, well it’s worked for my friend, she announced last week her engagement, it might work for me. This is in part a reaction to the “Undateables” saga; tourettes-action.healthunlo... I think subconsciously it’s me proving that I am dateable. I did wonder what to put on my profile, then I thought honesty is the best policy so I did add that “by the way I have Tourette’s syndrome” strangely enough I’ve had quite a lot of responses, so after filtering out those who are bald (would YOU date Grunt and Fill Mitchell?) men in caps (the boss’s favourite, particularly Burberry with bling) men who offer to send me anatomical illustrations, men who request anatomical illustrations and men who haven’t had a relationship that’s lasted more than a year (strange, quiet, inexperienced, odd, virgins). But, just as I imagined I did have a few message me curious to know more about TS, but that would be the same in a pub, some brave guys do approach you out of curiosity and are just interested to know how it affects you. The conversations usually start a bit like this - “wow, you’ve got Tourette’s cool” and of course I had a couple who thought I was joking???!!! Err, strange joke, but nout so queer as folk. I have actually been fairly successful, well so far, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder. Undateable? pppwwwhhh (that’s supposed to be a kind of horsey sound of disbelief).

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  • Great photo! The problem with black and white pets seems to affect rabbits as well as cats and dogs. I find that bizarre as pretty much all of my rabbits have been black and white! My favourite rabbit breed is the black and white Dutch, I love Black and white 'Tuxedo' or mixed breed cats and I adore black and white border collie Sheepdogs! If I could get black and white dwarf hamsters I'd be made up!

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