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The Future’s so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

The Future’s so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

I don’t know if it’s just me or something that other people experience or perhaps an exclusive ticcer phenomenon? Some people ask me how did you know that. I don’t know, I guessed, female intuition, psychic maybe? To get down to it I had a revelation last night…you heard it hear first, from the random doodlings of Mosey…here goes, here’s what’s going to happen. DAVD CAMERON WILL RESIGN! It could be a psychic ability to see into the future or it could be that my supper fast ticcy brain has taken in recent events including the Iggle Piggle look-a-likey, Andy Coulson, Rebecca Wade and the Murdochs. I’ve just read that another senior Met officer has resigned and this exciting event could be just days away.

This isn’t the first time I’ve sensed these things happening, but usually it involves people that I know personally, not somebody who I scared away in passing. Usually, it’s like having my own Bollo, telling me “I’ve gotta bad feeling about this” and then I find myself still unemployed, I haven’t got the job/dumped/sacked/thrown out of the pub.

It’s quite easy to sense these bad happenings coming, so maybe Bollo’s job isn’t that difficult, maybe I could be a familiar. It’s also quite easy to know what will happen, like when I got the sack, I had a “I’ve gotta bad feeling about this” sensation coupled with “I’m sacked” as soon as I sat down at the desk, but of course they wanted to get a days work out of me so I didn’t get sacked until about 5pm at the end of my shift, so I had to spend the rest of my day experiencing this sense of dread.

I have also had dreams depicting certain events and soon after similar events have happened, there’s one in particular that springs to mind and it’s quite scary when I think about it, so I think I’ll just end here.

This intuition also helps me to work out who the good guys are, who to avoid and who’s ok. I have also used this intuition to help me pick where to live, I did once see a flat whilst looking for somewhere to live and it just screamed “NOOOOOOO…GET OUT!!!” it was a pretty horrible flat if the truth be know, but now amount of Indian throws, bleach and incense could make it home. It felt like the set from “Trainspotting”, somebody probably died of a heroin overdose in the bath, well that’s the feeling I got whilst in there.

I’m not a spiritual person, and up until about 14 years ago I didn’t believe in ghosts. Still I don’t really but seeing one was a bit of a let down, there she was in the busy street, the woman with no face. What actually went through my head was “oh, that’s strange” a bit of a let down, but I did some research and found out that there was an armed robbery I that street, one of the robbers got shot, who just happened to be a woman, with tights disguising her features, hence the ghost of the woman with no face.

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About DC. Are you building our hopes up? I have been following this case from the beginning & was surprised the Chief Met officer resigned. Mind you why should they be allowed to resign & keep their pension when they should stay & take the flack they're responsible for? I was rather wondering if & when it would land more firmly at DC's door & then when he did his rat leaving a sinking ship bit thought there might be another election yet then the rat came back! Well I'll watch this space...