Future Sailors

Future Sailors

Just a quick little blog postette, as I haven’t really been up to anything much that’s interesting, much of the same mundane kind of stuff, well sort of anyway. This morning my medical questionnaire came through my letter box, this is for my Employment and Support Allowance claim, it’s quite a long form, on par with the DLA application form, I’m not a fan of forms, I really struggle with the motivation to complete them, this one in particular is a pretty horrible one and I don’t long to do it, I procrastinate, I am the queen of procrastination, it took me about 4 months to complete my DLA form, this blog post is a form of procrastination – I should be doing the washing up and cleaning my grotty kitchen. Another happening is poor Sasha, she’s got an abscess, her poor face has swollen to twice it’s normal size, I tried to take a picture of her last night for the V.E.T.(sshhhh or Sasha will be off quicker than you can say feline enteritis booster) but she kept hiding her swollen face., Surprisingly at the V.E.T. we managed to stay quite calm, no biting, scratching, or yowling from me, very little swearing, clapping and whistling from Sasha and a thermometer up the bum, a finger in the mouth and an injection in the scruff of her neck for the V.E.T.

I’ve finally finished my response to the SEN Green paper – “Support and Aspiration” it’s the toughest one I’ve come across so far. I couldn’t see that much in it that made me go OMG!!!! Like some of the proposals in the NHS reforms or the Welfare Bill, but that could be how it’s been written, maybe they have managed to put some pretty unsavoury in way that makes you think that it’s quite a good idea. This is quite a worrying thought, so hopefully I’m not the only person who’s read this one.

I have got quite a busy time ahead of me, I’ve just printed off the NHS Future Forum report to read, luckily this one is only 35 pages long and I know roughly what to expect. Also each time my ticcy brain sees or hears Future Forum, up pops Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett fro the Mighty Boosh.

This weekend should be fun, my brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit to come along to the Godiva Festival in Coventry and to meet up with some ticcy friends. I also have another interesting happening coming up; I’ve been invited to go down to Oxford to give talk on campaigning, in particular campaigning about the NHS reforms. I’m quite excited yet quite scared. I’ll be ok, I just need to do a bit of swotting up and write some kind of plan, and listing what I’m going to talk about and I’ll be fine. (I hope!)