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It’s, Oh, So Quiet

It’s, Oh, So Quiet

At the moment it’s eerily quiet, it’s just started to rain and the laundry mountain is still dangerously high so I’m just pottering around trying to fill my time and catch up with my reading. I’ve got two things that need my attention (apart from the laundry) and that’s firstly the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payment, which the Condemns (my spell checker has just wanted to change this, haha) want to replace DLA with and then the SEN green paper. I’ve just found out something quite interesting, or rather quite scary, it sounds like a sick joke but guess who the IT partners are for the Paralympics next year? When I initially read this on a friends Facebook status my initial reaction was OMG!!! Imagine all those athletes getting their ESA and DLA cut. Horrors of horrors it’s ATOS our French friends. Apart from already putting vulnerable, disabled people through the Work Capability Assessment, they are planning to also do the assessments for the new PIP. If you remember a few years back when a couple of activists took on MacDonald’s the same is happening again, a disability campaigner has taken on the French giant ATOS but has been ordered by their legal team to remove his website. So far this website is still with us, may the little man win!

I’ve also been having a bit of a mooch around Crippen, the Disabled Cartoonist’s website which is well worth a visit.

I’ll have some more info coming up for about the new PIP and how it’s going to affect us ticcers within the next couple of days.