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Close To the Edge

Close To the Edge

Last week I didn’t think that the world would end and hoped that life would carry on as per usual, however this morning my thoughts on the matter where somewhat different, this morning I was wholly embracing the idea of Armageddon and truly fearful for what the future may bring. Saturday brought about an empty bank account, the previous Thursday should have been the day when we got our Jobseekers Allowance, but that didn’t happen. My boyfriend last week was summoned by our local Jobcentre Plus to come in for the usual grilling and didn’t expect anything untoward, however we didn’t get our JSA, after several phone calls he was told that he had been sanctioned as the JCP staff didn’t believe that he has looking for work. (A job search list spanning 3 A4 pages) We spent the morning in the JCP trying to sort this matter out …..It was a mistake! We are still feeling the consequences of the sanction he received a few weeks ago, it’s left us behind in the rent and bills and feeling very fraught. Hopefully the money should be with us tomorrow and life goes on. I really think the DWP should be more careful, this has caused us untold stress, last night I cried myself to sleep, missing Magpie and plus also the thought of losing my home as a result of the actions of the JCP staff.

Now I have some reading to catch up on, the assessment criteria for the new Personal Independence Payment isn’t going to read it’s self.


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