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Day 1 on Aripiprazole

firstly before you read this, I highly doubt I will be keeping a thorough Aripiprazole journal so don't expect one!

So yesterday after waiting over a MONTH for the aripiprazole, I finally got it. Not only that but I actually got it in liquid form not capsules which is a miracle considering that the care home Feds (that's what I call the medication company) usually get it horribly wrong! So last night I took it for the first time. Unfortunately I am coincidentally suffering from an irritating cold right now so I am already feeling REALLY unwell. The only thing I have noticed so far is that I feel a little bit duuuuuh (that could be the cold though) and I have a slight bit of nausea. Mum once told me that the nausea caused by medication is similar to the nausea you get when you are pregnant but as I have never been pregnant, nor do I plan to be in the near future, I will have to take her word for it.

The nausea can be treated naturally though. My Grandma has always been a fan of 'da herbs' (not the illegal variety I hasten to add!) and when I first started taking Citalopram aged 17 and had the same nausea, I sucked on ginger biscuits which almost completely obliterated the nausea! That was Grandma's advice, to have ginger biscuits (she knew there was no chance of getting this previously vegetable phobic vegetarian to have it any other way!) because keeping your digestive system moving while your body adjusts to it's new intruder is important and ginger is a natural anti-nauseant. Well it certainly is for me anyway. I have been feeling sick all afternoon but two small ginger biscuits later, I feel so much better!

My next plan is to fight off this irritating cold because I think most of the 'side-effects' are cold related! Needless to say I haven't yet noticed any tic reduction but we all know it's not going to work that fast!

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Good luck, it'll be interesting to see how you get on with the abilify. At least dealing with my own meds (going to the village chemist myself) I've built up a relationship with them...

Village Pharmacy - "Hello Village Pharmacy how can I help you?

CM - "Hi I'm calling F***K OFF about a repeat prescription"

VP - "Ah, Miss Mosey, that's vennax and carbamazapine, it will be ready wednesday"

Then if they do change the brand I can get them to change it before I go.

It's probably your cold that's making you feel out of sorts at the moment.


The cold and a lot of changes at the moment! A lot of the changes are ridiculous as well!


I'm on aripiprazole and I do get some side effects which i don't like but it does reduce my tics, but it did take a while for them to start working. Good luck with the new meds.


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