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Listen Up!

I had quite a long day yesterday down in London, first of all I was at a meeting with other Policy types representing other charities that are part of the Neurological Alliance. One of our main topics of discussion was the dramatic u-turn that Cameron recently made in regards to the NHS reforms, I’ve you’ve missed the news Cameron, Clegg and Lansley have now discovered that nobody’s happy about their plans to reform the NHS and decided to pause proceedings and have a “Listening Period”, however the up and coming Cameron/Clegg/Lansley roadshow is only for health care professionals, so what about the patient groups? I have a cunning plan…..I would like to gather as many points of view from my fellow ticcers and their parents/carers with regards to these proposals so please use the comment box below, fill up my message inbox, tell me what you think about GP consortiums commissioning your treatment (That’s shopping around for a good deal, not necessarily the best!), and private social enterprise companies running our hospitals, I want to know! Then I will move on to part two of my cunning plan…..

I also yesterday gatecrashed the London TA support group; it’s always good to meet up with ticcer friends and meet new people so a big HELLO! To everyone that I met last night!

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Here's another campaign against the NHS reforms by 38degrees. Please take a look.


Well, I've a lot to say on this particular subject but my tics being as bad as they are I've only the patrience to sit down and do something for only a few minutes. Can't even get around to filling in my Working Tax Credit form. I went to the Joke Centre for help but they said they don't provide such a service as it's tax and not JC-related. I will ,however, attempt to sit down over the next few days and compose a reply then just copy it out on here

The three main things I will say is, is that this 'pause for thought' 'time for reflection' to me is just a ruse to diffuse the situation and no doubt the end result will be as it is now but with having thought about it first.............and then go ahead with it anyway

Secondly, they are onl;y asking top health professionals (doctors and nurses as they put it). All very well but what about the rest of us!

OK, you can't ask everybody about everything and you can't have a referendum about every policy (that's what we elect governments for, to mske decsions that are in our best interests, but what if WE disasagree with THEM (doctors and nurses that is!

And thirdly, if the tories were totally and brutally honest they would admit that in an ideal world they would demol;ish the NHS overnight so there would only be rubble and dust left lingering in the air in the morning when a shocked public got up to go to work to keep this country as great as it is (those lucky enough to have jobs that is after the recent savage, draconian, unecessary and unwise cuts)

But no, they say they want to keep the NHS but all they are doing (like previous Tory governments have done) is instead of demolishing it in one fell swoop, they are actually dismantling it brick-by-brick in the hope that we won't feel the pain as much................and when we do feel the pain, we'll have to pay to get it all sorted..................just like in America because for every Tory America IS the ultimate financial role model - and look what a mess they m,ade of that!!!


well where do i start. firstly i am scared to go into any hospital as in my experiances nurses nowadays know nothing about some thing that i am legally that is a type 1 nurse in hdu wanted to give me 8 jabs all at once . so to be clear that is 4 x 34 units of short term insulin .so that is 136 units of humalog lispro.then also my long term insulin glargine lantus 138 units every night .i am a patient i cannot prescribe any medication. had i not been alert this amount of something i am before anything else is a type 1 diabetic through no choiceof mine this would of done a beverley allit to me i would of had a massive heart attack.o.k. so i have had loads of these types of experiances my wife angela has witnessed all these incidents .i cannot be intimidated or bullied i am member of a i am not weak minded.secondly d.cameron had a kid who allegedly had grand mall epilepsy.i have this legally.4 the last 13 years being humiliated and a coward consultant hiding behind a desk with a witness of his own .luckily for him i havent seen him outside of that hospital i have a very dark side to my personality.just call me out and i will name him .d. cameron doesnot care 4 any epileptic i havent mentioned clegg as he is not worth me typing about clegg and chocolate fireguards spring to mind.i have 8 10 fits per week and just found out since phoning tourettes action the things i have been doing 4 13 yrs ticcing .choking.barking whistleing flying spazms in my neck gurning .shouting obsceneties in public .camerons class of people do not care 4 the likes of me.let alone want to do anything.the nhs system does not work.i legally have narcolepsy . wolff parkinson white syndrome.night terrors .i due to a 7 year old kid with tourettes who spotted the actions and state i was in due to the stress waiting to see the consultant. came up to me a stranger and said oi mista ow long ya had tourettes then his mum butted in how was i to know what i now know to be tourettes syndrome.i do not like attention so this has taken some time to come to terms with but at least i know.the nhs is a cash cow 4 people at the top .by the time money filters down to the likes of me i end up with a 3rd world to get it straight .in 1998 i was in a 32.000 yr job basic .type 2 diabetic then know type 1.a bad one.then came narcolepsy .then epilepsy.then sleepwalking.still being odd ticcing etc.nightmares.ihave paperwork from the national saying of an electrical problem back in 2006 but my wall is the consultant who only gets paid 4 me to be epileptic.people wonder why folk are joining extremist groups no is talking 4 me .i always try the polite way being a trained can see a class war coming then they would have to listen.and its ok 4 people to get hurt in so called riots or even murdered in public on tv by a policeman.they are proding the sleeping bear. they wanna watch it doesnot wake .i miss combat thats why i am called funky nig on the reptile forums.i deal in snakes and scorpions and tarantulas to help to keep me calm

catherine i am not an extremist but due to finding out about you and claire and tourettes action.which should be made publicly aware .that phonecall saved my suicide .now i want to fight in any way shape or form.who else has been treated like me .thank someone with the brave little kid at charring cross hosp.his mum gave me tourettes action number.take care catherine.x.was really good and natural to be around you i just have to learn not to hurt myself by stop the urges etc.funky nig x.


Now THAT'S what I call a reply Nig

Easier to read if you put some spaces between the paragraphs though


nomad. my buddy of the night

my step son is persiveering with me and i really do try to not look and sound like a narna. but through the last 3 weeks i have found out that i am.

look at what i have learnt to do now.

the time to worry was when staines police found me naked sleepwalking in staines high st. at 0450. a.m. a few years ago. now wifey has to lock up everything before i go to bed at night. and hide key.s etc...

then she started to whistle before she got into bed that set me off echoing.

i could go on but you would not believe it. take care funky nig...



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