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Neck Tics


I have very sever neck tics that make me jerk it left and right until it pops. Im worried it will cause permanent damage. Im already feeling pain and a burning feeling around my neck. I left my old tic (Teeth grinding) thinking that was the worst my tics could get, but to be honest i prefer that one. Anyway, i just started highschool and missing school can affect my dream of my colledge. My dad says that if we go to the doctor that i will have to miss alot of school for several test. Any help on how to stop,change or reduce the tic?

Also i feel a pop in the back of my neck when im looking down and turning my head.

Thank you.

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Hi Kasai thank you so much for getting in touch. Im sorry to hear that you experiencing so much pain with your neck tic. For short term relief, using warm presses like heated wheat bags or a hot water bottle to relax the muscles around the neck and upper chest. Gentle massage, and Epsom salt baths can also help to relax the muscles. In the long term I would suggest that its really worth seeking professional help, as you may be able to access behavioural therapy which works to help reduce or stop specific tics that cause you difficulty, and replace the urge to tic with another movement that is less troublesome. For example behavioural therapy has the potential to help you replace a neck tic with what is called a competing response, which could be something like pressing your hand down on your thigh - something which causes you less pain and discomfort. Behavioural therapy also has other aspects to it, it helps you learn relaxation techniques, potential triggers for your tics - different environments might make your tics worse - and how to manage this, plus lots of education to help you understand more about Tourette Syndrome. Tourettes Action have a list of behavioural therapists, if you email them they can send you a copy and you can take this to your GP to discuss getting a referral. Waiting lists can be long so it is good to get the wheels in motion sooner rather than later. And having therapy wont necessarily mean that you will miss time from school, some therapists can deliver behavioural therapy online, meaning you can do it from home.

If you have just started school, then this time is often particularly challenging for people with Tourette Syndrome. Many people report that their tics get worse, so you may be having a difficult period at the moment, but it doesnt mean things are going to stay this way. Tourettes Action have lots of information on their website, I'd really suggest you have a good look around it, especially the sections about managing TS, which includes more information about behavioural therapy. Here is the link:

And the helpdesk email to get the list of behavioural therapists is:

Best wishes


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Thank you so much for the tips. I've recently stopped taking my medications and that seemed to help calm my tics.

The answer is experience. My symptoms began @ age 7 and became progressively worse until I figured out how to replace my tics with what the Administrator mentioned. I figured it out on my own because I felt so different, and needed / wanted to adapt in order to gain acceptance and fit in. I does work--I basically consider it masking, but when I am outside the visual of others I let it rip. I was born in 1960 and have accomplished quite a bit in my years of living with TS. Sorry, unable to give you any tips because I don't know what your particular "Have-2-Dos" are. I'm sure you will figure it out--because it's another H-2-D.

Wishing you peace and acceptance. Regards, tictalk.

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