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Seeking volunteers for research - successful talking therapies for tics

We are looking to recruit volunteers to participate in our research exploring the young people’s experience of having had a successful talking therapy for tics.

Have you/your child had a talking therapy which helped you with tics?

You will be asked to talk to a researcher about this experience, to help them understand what makes a talking therapy helpful for someone who experiences tics. There is not much research which explains how or why therapy helps, and your story can help us understand.

If you are aged 11- 16 years old and have had a helpful talking therapy for your tics within the last 12 months, we would like to invite you to meet with a member of the research team

to find out about the study.

We need your parents to consent to you taking part. You will receive a £10 high street voucher following the completion of the research to thank you for your time.

Please contact Heather if you would like to know more, or take part,

please contact the Chief Investigator, Heather Smith, on: or 0161 306 0400

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