Lots of mice

Lots of mice

I got sad this week because of two mice related things. I found a mouse in our garden that was an ex-mouse, presumably destroyed by the poison that the company (who's home I live in... for now) decided to lay all over the place. Then after I was crying about the dead mouse in the garden I looked on my Facebook page only to find an article from Woodgreen animal shelter saying that 25 mice had been dumped in Cambridge. I was so sickened by this because 8 of them sadly were dead when they were found and the rest could have so easily become cat/bird fodder.

Thankfully the remaining 17 were brought to the animal shelter and today I met them for the first time. We have 11 girls, one of which is definitely pregnant and several that may be pregnant and 6 boys. Originally the 6 boys were together but they were fighting so they have been separated. Apparently some of the younger mice might be inbred because they don't look too good. I can't understand animal cruelty at all.

My eye tics haven't improved this week at all, if anything they are getting worse. I am in pain now behind my eyeballs where they have been rolling around so much and I am reluctant to go outside until my blue stick arrives. Yes I decided to go for a blue stick. I also seem to be suffering from multiple tics across my entire body which are making me walk and move in strange ways. One of my complex tics at the moment consists of a backwards neck thrust mixed with eye rolling and blinking, my legs running and my hands banging on whatever surface is nearby! Even now as I am sitting down, I can feel the tension in my legs as they are really wanting to run!

I got contacted by the National Autistic Society a few days ago (Wednesday to be precise) because I answered a request for a story about an 'unusual hobby'. Well I kind of thought that my obsession with drawing, looking at and photographing buildings was quite unusual... especially since I prefer 1960's semi-derelict tower blocks to old Victorian buildings (which I appreciate in their own right!) plus I draw some pretty good pictures of buildings. They have decided that my story is interesting and are going to try and make it into an article. Obviously it is mainly going to be about my autism, but they are interested in my Tourettes as well. I didn't mention that I have coprolalia though (somehow managed to keep it in!) because I don't want YET ANOTHER article going on about swearing! My condition means so much more to me than just the swearing! I started to draw a new city which was going well until some **** (just make it up!) knocked water all over it. I know it was a staff member because no one else was in the house at the time. No one has admitted that it was them or said sorry so I am very angry especially because it had taken two days so far. If you click this link you can see what I managed in two days:


No amount of photoshop would get those stains out :'(

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  • I suppose the stain looks a bit like a cloud. Pete has done some similar pictures, he went travelling in Kenya before I knew him and did some similar pictures of some streets that he'd seen, it also reminds me a bit of Patrick Caulfield - artnet.com/artists/lotdetai...

  • I se what you mean about cloud or even smog. If it's any consolation I know how it feels to have one's artwork ruined through no fault of your own. When I was doing my Art exam I brought it home to finish colouring it in. Bearing in mind the picture was being done in colouring pencils, my dad insisted he draw a marker pen around some-one hat in the picture. Flipping blue marker pen i tell you! I asked him to just try it out on a rough piece of paper first so i could see it first but no he arrogantly insisted he thought it would look better & did it anyway. He thought it looked lovely! The shame of handing it in like that as if i'd do it. Surpise, Surprise not I failed.