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PM's Gaffe

Tourettes Action was saddened and angered by the comment of the PM this weekend. Especially because he showed a complete misunderstanding of this complex condition and the effect that it has on people’s lives.

We encourage everyone to write to the PM and their MP expressing their own concerns on the matter and explaining how this condition affects your lives. To write to Mr Cameron, please find contact details on the Number 10 website:

You can also find your local MP here:

You might like to make the point that the lack of understanding about the inability to stop ticcing, however important the occasion, is central to people finding the condition funny and it isn’t. Explain how it affects you or your family. You might also like to mention that his comment focuses on the feelings of the observer rather than the person living with TS.

If you are a politically minded you might also say something about the proposed changes to the health service, benefits and access to treatment which are all being driven by a man who clearly doesn’t understand the lives of the people living with such a condition.

Please also visit our online petition at and add your name to the growing number who do not wish to see TS treated as a joke.

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I am now more bothered by a daily Fail article that is sticking up for it:

If the link isn't allowed feel free to delete it.


Don't worry about it, the Daily Hate is for ejits, just think of Jess in The Guardian.


I notice that my comments for the Daily ate article have't been posted yet. Me thinks the Daily Hate does't like to see the views of ticcers. Andrew - what about approaching the Daily Hate bout publishing a sympathetic article about a ticcer , excluding the words "sufferer" and "victim".