Ramble On

Ramble On

Like most people I would say that there’s two sides to my personality, there’s the nice me and then there’s the me that comes out when I’m angry. I found it quite hard to sleep last night, I was quite incensed, and somebody had really made my blood boil. Over time this person has brought out some pretty bad elements of my personality, I’m not really sure how you could describe this person, I think a cross between the child from “The Omen” and Thatcher’s love child. If you look closely there are three sixes on his scalp. He’s not a very nice man, but I would love to meet him, just to tell him a few home truths about the damage that he’s doing.

Quite a while ago I came to the conclusion that to get anywhere in politics a caring, altruistic nature won’t get you anywhere, in fact in contrast if you want to make it in politics it would help if you were a psychopath, now I don’t mean that in a glib, throw-away manner in the way that Cameron (the individual that I’m discussing) has been using the word “Tourette’s” but as a definite personality disorder like some people may have bi-polar disorder. Believe you me; I wouldn’t joke about this as my mental health is something that troubles me. Seriously, researchers have found that there are many psychopaths in the higher realms of politics and business. oregoncounseling.org/Handou...

Now, Cameron has apologised, but what some people don’t realise is that behind politicians there’s a team of aides, advisors and such like and no doubt over the weekend there would has been a Malcolm Tucker like person ranting and raving and basically pushing the PM to make a public apology to us ticcers just to try and maintain a “positive image”. If anyone has had the good fortune to see “The Thick of It” you will know exactly what I mean. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_T... A spot of light entertainment for geeks like me who are interested in politics. I would love to post you a clip but Malcolm Tucker is a bit of a potty mouth. So therefore I just regard Cameron’s apology as a mere formality rather than any heartfelt regret for his faux-pas.

One of the main reasons that our little friend isn’t going to win any popularity contests among disability circles is his wanton disregard for our humanity, it’s hard to believe that he was dad to a young disabled boy, may I also add that despite being multi-millionaires they claimed DLA for their disabled son. Methinks that if I had that much cash that I wouldn’t bother the DWP and put myself the demeaning process of applying for DLA. Some among disability circles compare Condemn polices to Nazi Germany, already 31 people have died whilst waiting for appeals to be heard after being denied ESA. Many now have a picture of Cameron with his calculator wondering how much money those 31 people have saved the DWP and NHS.To be honest, I can’t wait for the next election, the way that they (the Condemns) have demonised us disabled people, encouraging neighbours to call up “Crimestoppers” crimestoppers-uk.org/fraud?... to shop us for benefit fraud, allowed the right wing press publish incorrect figures and to basically brainwash the average person into thinking that every disabled person is “swinging the lead” and is stealing their taxes is aborhant. I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

I did nearly have the pleasure of meeting Cameron, but he gave me a VERY wide berth, I see now, he has an aversion to us ticcers, I’m sure he’d be that person who challenge you on the bus about your tics (imitation posh accent) “Would you please stop using those awful profanities and making those god-damn awful noises?” tourettes-action.healthunlo...

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  • Maybe I should have explained that this particular blog post is slightly tongue in cheek in a bleak kind of way, so please don't take it too seriously.

  • Bi-Polar isn't a personality disorder, perhaps a little re phrasing on that sentence ;)

  • Sorry, my mistake, I've been in an odd mood for about a week now, this is a definition of a personality disorder - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perso... , I should have known this as some professionals think I may have Bi-Polar disorder.