So I got the tooth better... then literally a day afterwards I have the most horrific cold! I have been in bed for two days, occasionally dragging myself to the computer to write pointless things on Facebook (that's what it is invented for after all!) and to play the Sims 3. I couldn't really do anything yesterday because I didn't sleep properly ALL night so the next day I nearly fell asleep on the computer! I am really annoyed that I had to miss work but gerbils can catch colds from humans and it can be deadly for them. I don't want to kill our gerbils, that would not be good.

I know I am beginning to recover though. Whenever I get ill with something, my body seems to automatically 'store' all the tics I would normally get through the day. Today all the tics have returned with a vengeance. I can't say I am surprised, this happens every time! One thing I was NOT expecting to return however, was the toothache. Silly me forgot my medicinal toothpaste twice while on my death bed *faints dramatically* so the toothache came back. I am putting it on again now though, I can't deal with a cold AND toothache!

Mum is visiting on Monday as long as I have got a bit better by then and my Grandma is coming as well. That is good because I haven't seen my Grandma for a long time. She doesn't mind my tics because she has seen me do them all my life and doesn't mind what the name for them is! Plus she is pretty much deaf now so the vocals don't bother her! I think my Mum feels happy that she is also going deaf in her right ear because before my screeching tic drove her to insanity, now she turns round and says 'what did you say?' I say that jokingly but she has Menieres disease which is really not funny. Apparently it is 'good news' that she is going deaf though because it means it will go soon.

I am struggling with Mr. Fry and Little Fionn at the moment. Mr. Fry is a very large fish (measuring in at roughly 15cm at last measure) and Little Fionn is about 1 1/2 cm at the moment. He is growing though as the store manager told us he would. The problem is that Little Fionn has eyes bigger than his stomach (that may be literal as I have never studied the insides of a fish!) and when I drop in the large portion of food that Mr Fry needs plus a little extra for Little Fionn, the little one eats it all! He's constantly constipated as a result. I am hoping he will learn not to eat so much soon because I don't want a small, overweight fish!

I am really hoping that I can move to Bedford this year because then I can control all of my benefit money instead of paying a company to care for me. I am going to save up and get Ralph a female friend. Ralph, as you may or may not know, has already undergone the 'op' so that will be no problem. I would love it if Ralph had company because he seems so lonely and unlike Jenifer he is not a particularly cuddly bunny. I feel that I don't give him what he needs socailly but I will sort that out as soon as possible!

I have just seen the time. I am going to bed.

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  • I feel sorry for both you and your Mother as I have Menieres too and it's horrible and unrelenting at times. The more vertigo attacks you have the more likely it will have damaged the balance organs in the ear, some of which you use to hear with aswel. So yes you are right about her going deaf and it hopefully getting better, the vertigo n dizziness that is as then when the organs in that ear are nearly fully damaged it should mean she won't feel dizzy anymore. Obviously the hearing loss is the bad point and can be hard to deal with.

    Anyway, I hope you start feeling even better soon hon and that the tooth stops hurting very soon!

  • It will stop hurting if my Tourettes has it's way! I have been narrowly avoiding punching it, pulling it, poking it and a couple of times banging it into metal objects!

  • Aww hon, I hope you don't end up hurting yourself because of it.

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