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Thyroid Cancer??

Hello everyone

I started with this cough in the early part of January, got it checked out by the DR and was given antibiotics for pharyngitis & a chest x-ray, the x-ray came back normal and the cough subsided.

I am 35 & a smoker but now only socially, anyway so the cough subsided but I started with a shortness of breath and a tight wheeze feeling, the best way I can describe it is when I breathe in it seems the air going to my voice box and then gets stuck there, the better option for me is to breathe through my mouth as then it feels like I am getting air. I have also developed a chronic sore throat, gone back to the dr and he suggested I have acid reflux, been on PPI's for 2 weeks, the sore throat has not gone and the breathing issue neither. Went back and he gave me more antibiotics said I now have laryngitis?!

I am at my wits end, it feels so hard and painful to breathe sometimes no pain from my chest just my voice box, the pain is sharp travelling to my voice box and when I swallow I can feel the razor blades (every day is different), the pain seems to be more on the right hand side of my throat now too.

My throat is not swollen neither can I feel any lumps or bumps its the constant burn when I breathe in and the swallowing....Also I have started coughing more than usual again but seems to be when I am sleeping & I wake myself up with it.

Feels like I am not being heard and fobbed off by my DR, I requested an ENT referall and he declined said my symptoms are all linked to reflux, how long do I have to wait for this horrible feeling to go, nothing seems to be working!!!

My fear is the longer this goes on the longer I am causing damage (if it is reflux) or if this is throat or thyroid cancer no one is taking me seriously, I feel like breaking down in tears everyday when the pain starts....

Any advise please would be welcomed...