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Have a question about Efra

I use to be on Armour (I believe the manufacturer was Forest Pharmaceuticals but I'm not certain) in the U.S. and our formulary changed about 14 years ago. When it changed I could no longer take our new formulary due to side effects. I want to know if the Efra is the old formulary that was made in the U.S.? If so, How can I get it in the U.K.?

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Armour was reformulated after complaints about the first reformulation.

Erfa is Canadian. It was never made in US. It is currently manufactured in Spain and, I think, shipped back to Canada for distribution. Erfa is prescription only in the UK but Erfa can be bought online without prescription.

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Hi. I had experience similar to yours... I was on the old, original Armour years ago, they changed their formula and it became almost impossible to find any Armour here in the states. I had to beat the bushes trying to find a substitute and the STTM website suggested Erfa out of Canada.

Erfa was a blessing. I got my prescription faxed to a Canadian pharmacy and this Erfa was almost identical to the old Armour. That all changed two - three years ago. Erfa had been being manufactured in Belgium. They changed mfg facilities to a factory in Spain and sure enough. The complaints started rolling in. I tried the 'new' Erfa and was feeling awful and dizzy within a few days. So... once again had to beat the bushes to find a substitute and now take WP.

Just a note... some have started on Erfa and done okay.... others have continued to take Erfa, even the 'new' tablets and are doing fine but there are a lot of folks who are NOT doing fine on the 'new' Erfa and Canada insists that they have changed nothing.

One user reported doing poorly on the 'new' Erfa until he crushed the tablets into a fine powder and took his dosage that way. So.. maybe it is just a problem with one of the fillers in the new tablets. Worth a try if that is your only option. I have no clue where or if Erfa is available in the UK. Sorry.

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