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Stopped carbimazole

Can anyone tell me why ifeel so I'll.last 2 weeks been hell had blood done rang endo said my t3were low stopped carbimazole told me to have bloods done again in 2 weeks.just taking propranolol .sat up in bed no strength to do anythi g does graves disease make you feel so I'll his seems never endi ng its shear misery thankyou for any Imfo. cannot take much more.

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I am hypo so cannot help. Hopefully someone comes along shortly who will respond to your query. I am sorry you feel so ill. Maybe edit your post by clicking on the down arrow across from +Follow post and add in Graves.


Hi. Sorry to hear that you feel unwell. I've got Graves' disease too. It sounds like you're hypothyroid if they've told you to stop carbimazole. I'm on block and replace now which I'm not impressed with. How long have you been diagnosed?


Hi 437 JD got my diagnosis 6months ago but been I'll

For nearly 2yrs Dr said that they dont no how long I could have had it but what ever its just ruining my life I just want a life back so miserable. Thanks for reply x


So we're on a similar path Trophygirl. I never realised the thyroid did so much and could effect you so much. In hindsight I've always had some symptom or other but I always brushed it off. In April I realised when getting down stairs was like walking on the sinking titanic that I needed to see a doctor. I hope you have some good days soon.x

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Graves' disease makes you feel really awful. I'm in remission now thank goodness.

As someone said it sounds like you could be hypo, I became hypo after being on 40mcg carbimazole for two months without any blood tests. It was discovered at my first endo visit and I was told to stop the carbimazole for a 'few days' and to start on the thyroxine. That was on a Thursday so I took my levothyroxine as advised and skipped the carbimazole until the following Monday. I have asthma so I was never able to take propranolol, I just had to sit it out until the carbimazole kicked in.

I would say I didn't feel really well until I was well on with the block and replace treatment that my hospital uses. Even then every time I needed an increase in my levo I got symptoms similar to when I was hyper which was weird.

I was on block and replace for exactly a year, then when my bloods were where my doctors wanted them to be I just stopped the carbimazole and levothyroxine- just likethat - one day I was taking 40mcg carbimazole plus 100mcg levothyroxine and the next day I didn't take any medication at all! That was in 2012.

Make sure to ask for a copy of your results with their lab ranges. Also ask to have your vitamins B12 and D checked as well as as your ferritin and folate. You want them all to be well up within their lab ranges to help your Thyroid. Always get your results for any blood tests you have done. Read as much as you can about your thyroid. Get as much rest as you can because you will need it, you are really quite ill.

Take a notebook with you when you go to the doctor or endo, keep your blood test results there and jot down how you are feeling so that you don't forget when your doctor asks you. Also jot down anything you are wondering about so that you remember to ask the doctor. Read as much as you can about your thyroid. You've really got to take an active part in your treatment - don't just let them 'do things' to you, ask (nicely) what they are doing and why.

When I started on carbimazole my pharmacist told me to take high strength vitamin C along with it so I always took 1000mcg slow release vitamin C with zinc, maybe that was why I felt good on block and replace so you could try that.

I know that if I relapse I would definitely want to go back onto block and replace gain.

I also think I had Graves for several years before I got so ill that I just fell to pieces and couldn't go on.

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Thankyou so much fruitsnut for giving me somuch information.keep well! x

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