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Need some help!

I'm new to this site but need some help finding a private endo doctor in Hampshire without doctor referral. Have under active thyroid for 12 years but last 2 years dose has increased from 50mg to 150mg and still checking bloods every 3 months and still feeling awful but the doctor really doesn't seem that interested and I getting really fed-up :-(

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Welcome to the forum, getting_up.

If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges we can tell you whether you are optimally dosed on 150mcg.

Hypothyroid patients are often low or deficient in ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which can present symptoms similar to hypothyroid symptoms so it may be worth asking your GP to test.

Email for a list of member recommended endos and private GPs. Some will require a letter of referral from a GP. If so, your GP may agree to write a short referral for a private consultation even if s/he won't make a referral to a NHS consultant.


If you can get doctor to refer you to NHS endo, I know one in Hampshire who's not perfect but quite good?

But, yes, post all your results on here and people here will advise :-)


Thanks for the advice, I have found a private Endo but as you correctly said they need a referral from my GP - so having waited 10 days for an appointment I'm off tomorrow. While I'm there I'm going to get my last blood test results and post them for further advice from fellow suffers as this site has been more help to me than my GP in the last 2 years! I am preparing myself for the "usual" GP talk about maybe having some antidepressants for a while to make me feel "better"....then me explaining I do not need these as my mood is just a symptom of being hyperthyroid, I really hate the visit and how it always makes me feel even worse. GP might be in for a surprise this time though as my husband is coming with me as he can see first hand what this illness is doing to me and he has some things to say!


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