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New US Guidelines for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Thyroid Function in Pregnancy

Some TUK queries are concerned with thyroid and pregnancy. A new guideline has been written in the journal Thyroid. It's a long bedtime read but contains a lot of information. Some of it is (politely) horsefeathers, but not much. The reference is:

2017 Guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy and the Postpartum

Alexander Erik K., Pearce Elizabeth N., Brent Gregory A., Brown Rosalind S., Chen Herbert, Dosiou Chrysoula, Grobman William A., Laurberg Peter, Lazarus John H., Mandel Susan J., Peeters Robin P., and Sullivan Scott. Thyroid. March 2017, 27(3): 315-389. doi:10.1089/thy.2016.0457.

Published in Thyroid Volume: 27 Issue 3: March 1, 2017

A copy is in possession of Louise Roberts TUK Admin.

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Link to the full paper :


Thanks for this link and when you read that people have had miscarriages and haven't an idea that it could be due to hypo or maybe not on an optimum of hormones will be distressing for them.


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