Help with hypothroid that has become hyperthyroidism, thx u

My very hypothroid turns hyperthyroidism

Took 4 mons to get a doc!

Long story, lol. I need to know what next, im stopping nature thyroid for now. Not sure about hydrocortisone.

But so tired of racing heart, buldging meck.veins, and high bp.

Anyone that can shed light on whatbi shoukd do i would be very grateful.

But under crazy stress, i know my adrenals are toast.

Thx u so much!

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  • Hypothyroidism cannot turn into hyperthyroidism, in the strict sense of the word. It's a physical impossibility. But, you can be over-medicated and have hyper symptoms.

    Another possibility is that you have Hashimoto's disease, and are on a 'hyper' swing. But, we would need comprehensive labs to know which it is.

    I would suggest you get private testing, to get all those tests that the doctors won't do. You need :






    vit D

    vit B12



    Details of private tests can be found on TUK main page.

    Only when you have the results of all those tests, will you know what's going on, and what you should do next. :)

  • Hecate888,

    What are your thyroid results and ranges? If you are over medicated you can reduce dose. Stopping NatureThroid altogether will mean you will become hypothyroid.

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