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Thyroid problems in pregnancy!!

Hello everyone,

I've just come across this community whilst searching online for answers.

I have chronic lower calf pain, fatigue, I bruise very easily and I am in pain for days after the slightest bump. I sometimes have muscle spasms. My last pregnancy was painful, my muscles felt like they were my enemy, my baby was born at 31 weeks gestation, I had pre-eclampsia and a placenta erupted. These all point towards thyroid problem.

What tests should I ask my gp to do? I have had my bloods tested before and the main find from that was that I was anaemic.

I want to have another child but I want to be healthy enough to carry to full term.

Thank you guys

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Your symptoms and birth issues aren't typical hypothyroid or hyperthyroid symptoms.

Ask your GP for a thyroid function test which will hopefully include TSH and FT4. If TSH is not abnormal FT4 may not be tested.

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Hello thank you for replying!

I also have constipation. Migraines. And it'seems so difficult for me to lose weight, I can be on a strict diet and exercise and loose no weightrim whatsoever. I have two family membersupport who have diagnosed underactive thyroid, hence why I looked in to it. The muscle pain in my calf's is the biggest frustration as it's constant.

I have read the pregnancy complications are connected to the thyroid.

I will ask the doctor to test these things. Thank you!



Ask your GP to test ferritin and vitamin D too. Deficiency can cause musculoskeletal pain.

You could supplement magnesium citrate and use magnesium oil spray on your calves and put Epsom Salts in your bath to relieve muscle pain.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:


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