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Anybody have or had same symptoms overactive thyroid with large goitre?

I have just recently found out I have an overactive thyroid also have a large goitre in my neck which measures 5cm by 5cm with two nodules on the right side I am on carbimazole. When I was first diagnosed I was taking 60 mg but endo then lowered it to 30mg since then my goitre seemed to have grown, I'm now waiting of my blood results coming back. I have also been sent appointment for another scan where the inject radioactive liquid in me to see if there is any toxins in it. This has scared me slightly because my first scan said it wasn't cancerous but then the ent doc said he can't rule it out. I'm due to have an op to remove half the goitre if it isn't toxic, once my thyroid is in control. Anybody been in the same situation? Thanks in advance Rachel

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Goitre is a common symptom of hyperthyroidism. Goitres are benign as far as I'm aware but some nodules may be malignant and nodules >1.5cm are usually fine needle aspiration biopsed to check.


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