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I was just wondering if any of you have experienced any side effects whilst on carbimazole?

I started taking 20 mg on Saturday and within an hour I was doubled up with really bad tummy pains.

Everyday since this, the same has happened. It's agony and with already having chronic pelvic pain it's not making life much easier!!

It's quite hard for me to describe but I would say it's a sharp colicky type pain, as if I had an upset tummy, but I don't, it's just the pain. It's even worse if I eat, which is hard to bare.

It sometimes eases off in the day but not today. Im already dreading the dose tomorrow.

I rang the consultants secretary today and they said they don't thinks it's the carbimazole, and to take it after I've eaten-which I do, but it must be the meds because it's so soon after taking it that it must be!

Was just curious to see if any of you have had this and what you did to help?!

Thanks xx

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I've got Graves and when I started my block and replace treatment I started on 20mcg with no problems then it was raised to 50mcg again with no problems.

I was often asked if I took it all at once which I did and they seemed happy with that. It might be worth checking to see if you could take your 20mcg as 10mcg twice a day for a while.

I was also told by my pharmacist to take it with vitamin C - he came out from the back shop specially to tell me that. So it could be worth trying that - I take 1000mcg slow release with zinc a day - still take it even though I don't take any thyroid meds at the moment.

I got the odd sore throat and swollen glands when I started, first time I had a WBC count, next time I saw the doc and it was decided to 'wait and watch' which suited me because I really wanted to stay on the carbimazole - after that I figured that as I didn't have a temperature, mouth ulcers, feel ill etc as mentioned on the information leaflet I would just watch and see what happened.


Sorry that you are experiencing bad stomach pains. Haven't heard of this before.

I have been taking Carbimazole for overactive thyroid and seems like I am one of the lucky ones because I have had very little nasty symptoms.

Initially I began taking 20mg Carbimazole and then developed intense night cramp in leg. After I rang the Endo Sec she spoke to him and phoned back to say I should reduce the dose to 10mg daily and things settled down with no other symptoms and no more problems. I am off medication since January this year and having regular blood tests just now and all is within normal range (fingers crossed it continues!).

I hope that your stomach pains will calm down and that the Carbimazole will control your thyroid condition so that you may begin to feel a lot better before too long.

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Hi how long did you take the Carbimazole for? 😀


Hello Karmaway

I was diagnosed overactive thyroid condition in April 2011 and have taken Carbimazole until December 2014 with two breaks when I went into remission. First time was 4 months and second time it was 5months.

I have not taken Carbimazole now for almost 11 months. I have regular blood tests and have remained "within normal range" ...... so far...... so good, but if (or when) the nasty hyper thyroid symptoms return I will stand my ground and refuse to have either RAI or surgery, both of which has been pushed at me several times. It is not what I want and I will continue to refuse if it becomes necessary in the future.

Best wishes to you, hyper/hypo thyroid conditions are a roller coaster journey!


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