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I bought a book with some gluten free recipes in it but lots of them use gluten free products as replacements. Is this sufficient or should

you totally avoid any type of wheat, cereals etc. Also in the front of this book it states that on January 2012 new legislation came into effect and that foods labelled gluten-free must contain no more than 20 parts per million gluten. Does this mean that there is still a tiny amount of gluten in some of these products? and will it have any effect?

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I'm about to embark on a GF lifestyle myself - to see if I can help reduce my antibodies. I already cook for some people on GF diets. I use GF products and I've bought GF porridge oats for things like crumbles but I asked first and that was fine. Oats should be ok but apparently they can be cross contaminated so many people avoid them too. I noticed when I was in my local Tesco last week that they make GF copies of regular breakfast cereals - things that looked like rice crispies and coco pops.

I really can't say whether the minuscule amount of gluten affects people - suppose it depends on how allergic they are to gluten. The people I know just eat normal home cooked food, they avoid gluten based thickeners etc and they buy the regular off the shelf GF products.

I've just sent off today to join Coeliac UK - they have an amazing book that lists every king that is gluten free - ingredients and products. You will also get loads of helpful information on their site. There is also a HU Gluten Free group similar to this site - think they are called Gluten Guerillas or something like that. That might be useful to you.

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