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Hi all. First off I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and replied to me so far with my many questions and queries! Your advice is greatly appreciated.

It seems I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, so my endo said into his voice recorder! (Who was extremely nice by the way). He advised my current dose of Carbimazole for 18 months and that there would be about a 50% chance of relapse or remission.

We talked about breastfeeding, and the pros and cons of effectively weaning onto formula so as to allow for an increase in dosage and therefore better chance of remission, this was all new to me and I have a lot of thinking to do about that as I am a staunch breastfeedig advocate, however I need to be in the best of health more, for her sake. (Should add here that I have also experienced a dip in milk supply, and becoming more and more physically weak with it).

I mentioned I was concerned about a pain in my ribs, slight sore throat.

He thinks the rib pain may be musculoskeletal as I now weigh 7 1/2 stone which is a far cry from what I weighed even 3 months ago. He said that the sore throat is unrelated and breathlessness we never got to as I forgot I would welcome any opinions on (I am also on propranolol). I would welcome any opinions on any of the above!

The last couple of days I have been feeling more under the weather than normal. I am really concerned about the risk with Carbimazole and its effect on WBC however my WBC last week was 8.6 10*9/L (3.9-11.1) so I'm kind of normal there.

Would greatly welcome all any advice here.

Thank you.

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  • He didn't call it Graves? Did you have an antibody test?

    Here is some information that may or may not help.

  • Thank you Heloise, I will have a look at those links after this reply.

    He definitely said Hashimoto's, although I have only been tested for Anti TPO which came back positive, 483.8 (<6).

  • These links may be helpful to you:-



  • Thank you shaws, those links are really helpful to me.

  • These videos are only five minutes in length. He is a functional neurologist and I think they are more inclined to search the underlying reasons for thyroid dysfunction. This one is on TPO's since you mentioned that.

    I will find the STTM's article on Graves.

  • Thanks Heloise. Why would he have diagnosed as Hashimoto's? It and Graves are almost a completely different ball game! I'm confused now. I was a bit taken aback that I was put on Carbimazole immediately following my first ever TFT.

  • I don't have experience with Graves but this is the article from STTM


  • Thank you.

  • Sometimes pregnancy brings on temporary conditions of hypertension, diabetes and perhaps thyroid as well (in my case Hives, lol). Concentrating on a good diet, good sleep haha, and a bit of exercise may help you recover.

  • Hives! Wow! Hope they've cleared up, they're so incredibly hot and itchy! Yes, the thinking is the whole that has been triggered by pregnancy, perhaps underlying, perhaps not. I'm still very much getting to grips with it all.

  • Well, that baby is probably as old as you right now, lol. Now I am thinking back before my second pregnancy that I was put on propylthiouracil which is similar to carbimazole. The old doc just touched my neck and knew I was hyper. I stayed on that drug until I became pregnant and the OB took me off of it. That was years before I ever had thyroid tests again. I became hypothyroid much later but I'm sure my thyroid was going topsy turvey until that time.

    We have to learn how to support out thyroids while young enough and before they totally fail. So I hope you get through this episode and can avoid future problems.

  • Sincere thanks Heloise.

  • You are very welcome and I hope you are back on the road to wellness. I ran across this article that might also help.


  • Sounds more like Graves with TPO antibodies and being on Carbimazole. I never even got my milk in when I was Hyperthyroid after my son was born. Thank goodness for those Mums who expressed for him. I think in your case I would stop breastfeeding as it is far more important that you are as healthy as can be for your daughter. Wish you and your daughter well.

  • Oh dear j_bee it's so very difficult being a new mother with this thrown into the mix, it's very overwhelming. She is 7 months now and I feel she has got the best from me so if I can physically do no more at this present time I think that's the way it has to be.

    I feel very guilty, although I do know that's a bit silly, and quite devastated to be giving it up.

  • I would say 7 months is a really good try. I managed 10 months with my first son, nothing for my second son, born with other hormonal problems and 5 months with my daughter when it went suddenly and I think she was starved for about 3 days, although I had just begun weaning. Such a trial with it all. I think you have given her a good start. Good luck with it all.

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