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I was referred to my endo because my GP, bless her, freely admitted she knew very little about thyroid. 3 visits later and I am going to start on armor because I have very poor absorption of levo. I got it from the hospital pharmacist and it had a leaflet with it that is 2 feet long, covered on both sides in tiny writing, most of which reads like it's for doctors not patients! Bit daunting really... I really hope it works for me because I've been like this for 42 years and really struggling for the last 4. Wish me luck? Cx

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Craftingbird, See if the leaflet is available on the Armour website. Maybe easier to read. Hope it works well for you. Most switching from Levothyroxine to Armour/NDT feel much better.


Thanks! Was a bit nervous coz liothyronine sent my heart into overdrive - fast, missing beats, ectopic beats etc. So hoping that natural won't do that.. I so want to feel well! Keep you posted! Cx


This link may help, Craftingbird


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