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Making Happy Happen :-)

I just wanted to turn my fellow Thyroid UK friends on to a wonderful woman named Dr. Cammi Balleck who discusses all things thyroid, endocrine and adrenal with the ideas of hormone issues, she is a Naturopath and her website is here: Check out her blog, do her free online test. I am seeing her on Skype and she is wonderful. I think I have finally found a true gem. Her book is amazing too! Check her out:

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Thanks for posting

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You are welcome Louise! I am so impressed and the dollar is so much cheaper to spend then the pound, which makes her so much less than those Harley St. clinics! She is a lovely lady too full of heart and knows her stuff. Thyroid is part of the endocrine system, hormones all play a huge part, plus diet, stress etc, she is well aware and helping me and I want people to know about her and go to her too! :-) Shawn


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