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I was diagnosed in Nov 2011. My neck has been painful ever since I started taking Levothyroxine. Has anyone else experienced this please?

I did ask my doctor to investigate and he sent me for an x-ray which came back clear. I asked for more investigation but was told there was nothing else they could do (2 different doctors) I saw a different doctor recently and she has arranged an ultra-sound scan.

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Is it muscular/joint pain, like spasms? If so I had the same problem and have suggestions but they are a bit vague! I googled and found that it could be a selenium or magnesium deficiency (and definitely related to taking artificial thyroid replacement) so I started taking supplements, I also started eating brazil nuts for a more natural source, and also drinking a small glass of tonic water everyday for the quinine (another suggestion to ease the spasms.) The muscle pain stopped. I now take a magnesium supplement every evening, with calcium and vit d to help it absorb, and eat one brazil nut a day! (Plus the occasional glug of tonic water.) The pain hasn't come back.


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