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Thyroid disorder and COVID-19 BOOSTER vaccination. **This Poll is NOT for the THIRD vaccination for IMMUNOSUPRESSED people**

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**This poll is ONLY for members who have actually been offered the Covid-19 BOOSTER vaccination.

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT UNTIL you have actually become eligible for the booster.**

DO NOT CONFUSE the THIRD vaccination for IMMUNOSUPRESSED people with the BOOSTER vaccination. This poll is NOT for the THIRD vaccination, ONLY for the Booster.

Comments can be made below, but only about YOUR EXPERIENCE.

This forum is NOT for discussion of the pros and cons of any vaccinations.

Any comments deemed by the admin team to be off topic will be removed.

Our previous two polls for the FIRST and SECOND vaccinations are still open for anyone who hasn’t yet entered their experience of these.

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Arlie123 in reply to RedApple

The symptoms I got from my third booster jab were about the same as the symptoms from the first Covid jab - ie mild flu like symptoms for 24-48 hours. The options above don’t accommodate that so don’t know if you want to tweak. :)

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Arlie123

Thanks Arlie123, but the poll facility is too limited to include any more options I'm afraid :( We have done the best we can with the facilities available! :)

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Arlie123 in reply to RedApple

Understood! :)

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Tpdnotts in reply to Arlie123

I experienced the same as this comment above.

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Pippah45 in reply to RedApple

My brother in law suffered a Bell's Palsy shortly after his booster - there is a bmj article says this could be related to the jab. I haven't had my booster yet. And I will not be having the Flu jab due to a very bad reaction some years ago.

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grumpyold in reply to RedApple

Only side effects from Pfizer vaccinations one and two, were a sore, swollen, achey arm, itchy at site of injection.Booster was Pfizer also. Arm just a tiny bit itchy but not swollen nor achey. This time I felt wiped out and exhausted for 2 days. OK now.

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RoboTh in reply to RedApple

One day of feeling hyper, then upset stomach for 2 days

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Goatcheesesalad in reply to RedApple

my first and second doses were were AZ and i felt flu like for 24 hours. i had Pfizer booster and just had a sore arm for about 2 days

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meme in reply to RedApple

Very very sore arm after booster. Took painkillers for 3 days . The pain moved around to my biceps over a day or so.

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I had a strong reaction to my second jab (all 3 were Pfizer) but a lesser reaction to the booster.

Thyroid17 profile image

First: no symptoms, Second: 48-72 very heavy fatigue, fast onset, Booster: 24hr delayed onset, ongoing fatigue still evident after fortnight to date. Pfizer for all.

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Thyroid17 in reply to Thyroid17

Now going through a hyper phase which I assume is temporary.

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abirose311 in reply to Thyroid17

Please don't assume anything about your hyper phase being temporary because your assumption may be wrong. In my humble opinion, you should see this article and then see your endo

Thyroid17 profile image
Thyroid17 in reply to abirose311

No need, back to hypo again same as before but thanks.

Thyroid17 profile image
Thyroid17 in reply to abirose311

Interesting article though.

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abirose311 in reply to Thyroid17

[This comment has been deleted by admin. This poll is ONLY for members to share THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE of the Covid-19 Booster.]

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i had a sore arm after my booster and a bit headachy

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LAHs in reply to MARZY1969

Yep, same here.

SeasideSusie profile image

Sorry if it seems pedantic but the poll is for people who have had the COVID BOOSTER vaccine to give their experiences. There are likely to be hundreds of replies like the two previous polls so we need to keep to the topic of the poll.

sidneymark70 profile image

The name on the booster was different to the name Pfizer. But I’ve googled it and it is the same - they’ve just given it a different name. And the staff at the centre said it was Pfizer.

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to sidneymark70

Some of the UK-approved Covid-19 vaccines have multiple names. (Some of these names may only appear overseas.) This is a brief post to try to help clarify:

Oxford/AstraZeneca – branded Covishield or Vaxzevria

Pfizer BioNTech – branded Comirnaty

Moderna or Moderna Takeda – branded Elasomeran or Spikevax

Janssen or J&J or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

EebieJeebies profile image

Headaches after first Pfizer, sore arm after 2nd, little to no effects after Pfizer booster. 2019 flu jab gave me a painful arm for several days but no issues with 2020 or 2921 flu jabs. Had latest flu jab 3 weeks before covid booster. All good.

helvella profile image

To repeat the point made by SeasideSusie

Sorry if it seems pedantic but the poll is for people who have had the COVID BOOSTER vaccine to give their experiences. There are likely to be hundreds of replies like the two previous polls so we need to keep to the topic of the poll.

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alchemilla12 in reply to helvella

well also to be pedantic but it is for those who have declined the booster as well as those who have had it!😀

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A really bad headache after have flu and booster within 15hrs of each other, but weirdly my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms improved but came back with a vengeance two weeks later.

Dillongirl profile image

Just to say that in relation to this poll: I had covid in March 2020 - not badly affected but have been dealing with long covid since September 2020 - was gradually feeling better in January 2021 - 1st jab in February and felt that I'd been knocked back. Didn't feel well for some time. 2nd jab April, no effect at all, except for sore arm - Flu jab 2nd October - again nothing really except for sore arm then booster 3 weeks later on 22nd October and no reaction at all - except for sore arm. Not sure how useful this information is to your poll.Thanks for the work you all do within Thyroid UK

Hiphypo profile image

Thank you for the poll. I had both the Flu jab and booster this lunchtime and - fingers crossed - so far, no reaction at all, not even a sore arm. Never even felt it. And I usually do. Had Astra zeneca previously but Moderna for booster - apparently that’s what happens. Good luck everybody!

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I left it a few days before responding to this poll, because I knew that some people only started to experience symptoms from the booster after a day or so. I had the Pfizer booster last Saturday and am thankful to say that I did not have any bad effects from it at all. I wish I had had that one earlier in the year instead of AstraZeneca, the first of which had made me very ill for days afterwards. Thank you to those people who responded to my initial post about the boosters, prior to the poll being posted.

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I had my booster yesterday, it was Pfizer. The original two were AZ (bad side effects from the first, minor side effects from the second including a slight headache that lasted over a week)

So far I think I've got away pretty lightly. I felt a bit queasy and headachy, but the main side effect is sore stiff joints (apparently quite a common side effect) It's not as bad today as it was last evening (had the jab at about 9.30 am) so I'm hoping that it will ease off gradually over the next few days.

My brother has had sore joints for over a week after his though (also Pfizer)

(Oh, also, arm is still sore where the needle went in, and aches a bit, but I think that's almost inevitable unless you're very lucky)

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I had pfizer booster yesterday morning (2 previous were AZ)

History - I was super poorly after my 1st AZ with almost every side effect going even the 1/100 ones, took 10/14 days to fully recover. The 2nd AZ i just got a delayed sore arm (strange was fine till day 6 then arm went red n sore)

So i was warned by the nurse that did my mums booster that experience from health professionals showed that i was likely to react in same way to the PZ booster as my 1st AZ jab. Luckily i haven't, phew, i have a headache but so not on the scale as before and last night i was extra tired but also very cold sleeping in big jumper and wooly scarf, muscles in neck are tight this morning but that may well be tension from expecting the worse!

Also hubby had his yest and as usual for him no side effects at all.

Hope everyone else is ok with their booster too xx

mrsm49 profile image
mrsm49 in reply to mrsm49

PS oh i forgot to mention i have sore arm as usual lol

Delgor profile image

Usual sore arm but this time the booster jab had me feeling ill and fluey the day after and spent most of the day in bed - the booster was Pfizer.

No problems with the first two which were AZ. Booster was Pfizer and joint pain and fatigue lasted 24 hours.

Muffy profile image

Four days after the Pfizer booster, heart started racing and blood pressure raised. Now on medication for both. ECG was ok and awaiting 24hrs ECG. My pulse is still erratic, fine and then at times racing.

Annoynomice profile image

Sore arm with all three. No other symptoms. Az first two, pfizer for booster. Had fly jab about 6 weeks before.

Clarrisa profile image

FYI: My third Moderna booster was half dose. I had no problems but know of someone who went early receiving a full dose Moderna booster & are now under specialist doctor care for problems. They do not have thyroid problems however.

JAmanda profile image

2x Pfizer, Flu jab, Moderna - 4 x sore arm, nothing else.

Raventhorpe profile image

Had Pfizer booster just over a week ago sore arm like toothache type pain still ongoing, had headache and felt fatigued and felt quite poorly for about 5 days but feeling fine now. First two jabs were Az and had slight headache and felt fatigued and bit of sore arm for couple of days but not as bad as the Pfizer side effects. Had flu jab about three weeks before normal side effects of sore arm and feeling a bit off colour for a couple of days.

T3sortedme profile image
T3sortedme in reply to Raventhorpe

Both my wife and I had the same response you describe. Little reaction to first two doses (Astra Zen) but strong reaction to booster (Pfizer) wiping us out for a few days and still not fully right on day 5. Also the sore arm. My wife had a bad rash for 2 days but not me.

Baggiesfan profile image

Pfizer booster 4 days ago, az first and second. Initially headache and tired, usual sore arm but otherwise fine. A little anxiety and large increase of ectopic heartbeats last few days. Still adjusting T3 as only been taking a few months, I never put the booster and these symptoms together but maybe they are as I was fine till I had it. Hope it settles soon.

C70rol profile image

My first two jabs were AZ of which the first one gave me fatigue for a week, plus sore arm. The second jab had no problems. But the third one was Pfizer and I had fatigue again for a week and felt unwell. So I guess it may well be stronger than Pfizer !?

CharlieH profile image

I have had 3 vaccines, all Pfizer, also had Covid early on in the pandemic. No problems with any vaccine at all. Also received the flu jab one week after 3rd booster, no problems at all.

Cleo1031 profile image
Cleo1031 in reply to CharlieH


BeeOrchids profile image

AZ for first two and Pfizer yesterday. Have an aching arm today but otherwise fine. With the AZ I felt ill both times, had to go to bed and take Paracetamol.

norwood1 profile image

Had Astrazenaca the first 2 times, in bed for 5 days after 1st dose, 2nd dose was ok in comparison but felt awful with 1st dose, sweats, cold, nausea etc., Flu Jab no problem just a bit of a sore arm, Booster jab last week was Pfizer, only reaction was feeling really hyper after for a few hours and next day a very sore, swollen arm which 5 days later is now starting to settle and itch but ok and manageable. Other than that all ok and I am just so grateful to have had all 4 vaccines and hopefully that is it for a while :)

Tugun profile image


Thank you for the poll - a great idea and the comments are very helpful. Just one question. If there were 385 votes and only 163 people had experienced negligible or no symptoms from the booster, then does that mean that 222 people had symptoms from the booster? It would be interesting to discover what those symptoms were and how many had them.

helvella profile image
helvellaAdministrator in reply to Tugun

The severe limits on the poll facility make it very difficult to offer all possible options.

165 - I experienced negligible or no symptoms from the BOOSTER vaccination

59 - Symptoms I experienced from the BOOSTER were WORSE than my previous two vaccinations

We end up with 343 - 165 = 178 who did not say they had negligible or no symptoms.

And 178 - 59 = 119 who did not say their symptoms were worse.

I think we could guess that 119 felt their symptoms were worse than negligible but not worse than the original doses.

However, it isn't certain everyone voted with that in mind!

Symptoms, I'm afraid, depend on your reading through the replies.

Tugun profile image
Tugun in reply to helvella

Thanks for your reply. Lots to delve into. You're right. Reading the replies is definitely helpful.


Have replied already but want to add that since Saturday ( two days after booster) I’ve had dreadful shoulder pain which shows no sign of going away. Can’t attribute it to anything else.

dizzy864 profile image
dizzy864 in reply to

I had dreadful shoulder pain after second jab in April - first and second were pfizer. After six weeks the pain eased but it has never gone away. I can't move my arms without pain. Pain keeps me awake at night. I was diagnosed with long covid after having very mild covid in February 2020. I never had muscle aches in my shoulders before the second jab.

in reply to dizzy864

My pain has eventually gone but shoulder is still not very comfortable

HGP1 profile image

Booster (P) on Tuesday afternoon, worse than 2nd AZ but nothing like the horrendous time I had with 1st AZ.

Flu like side effects were stronger than dose 2, similar to what I experienced with 1st dose of AZ, but this time I got a fever (38.2) rather than drop in temp (34.7 I think it was with az). Strong muscle/joint aches and pains that codeine took the edge off, headache was noticeable but not bad I think linked to my neck pain as well as dehydration from fever and side effect in own right. I felt pretty rough the following morning when these mainly kicked in and stayed in bed all day, slight symptoms the pervious night Inc sore throat and sore arm..

I had the worst watery diarrhoea the following afternoon/eve started irca 22h post vaccine which was a bit of a suprise as came from nowhere and was off my food/a little nauseous that day (very unlike me). Not sure if the runs mainly eased off when took codeine for pain or were going anyway. Temp down to 37.5 by 8pm (still a good degree over my usual).

Last night I struggled to sleep initially from discomfort/raised body temp and irritable (particularly when I discovered my partner had used all the paracetamol and put 2 empty boxes back in the cupboard so didn't have anything to bring down fever when could no longer comfortably ride it out). Then just awake, wasn't tired but wired like I was for with first dose but certainly my body wasn't in the mood for sleep, happy to rest and relaxed and caught up on some sleep this morning.

Temp coming down now (36.8). Not in anywhere near as much pain, arm still sore but improving feels like I should be over the worst of it in 48h from vaccine, doesn't seem to have interacted with my thyroid meds this time (as yet), had slight palpations and increased resting heart rate but I think that is more down to immune response and how I get when struggling due to ME flare up than anything else. I've skipped today's dose just in case and will restart tomorrow.

Didn't get the brief improvement in both physical and cognitive symptoms I got with 1st dose but my allergies have definitely seemed better, don't feel as much nasal congestion as usual.

There wasn't an option for worse than one better than the other, so haven't responded re the worse or negligible tick box as neither. As per other comments I can see this is a restriction in the poll.

I'll come back in a few days to confirm if had any other issues or if resolved.

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HGP1 in reply to HGP1

Had egg free flu jab 5 weeks prior, was a bit itchy at injection site then 11h later wide-spread itching and IBS flare up. sore arm for a few days. Didn't want to risk having at same time due to strong reactions to first vaccines, glad I didn't as would not have wanted the itching and cramp on top

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to HGP1

The improvement in thyroid levels since interaction after dose 1 making me over medicated have stayed stable since my last update, currently on 50mg levo, better in myself and BBT about a degree higher than pre vaccine into normal range. (Was on 87.5mg pre covid vaccine Feb 2021)

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to HGP1

Getting some mild over medicated symptoms, mainly heart related so skipping meds again today to see if improves, if it doesn't I'll speak to 111 or GP on Monday if seems manageable. I had felt good in myself yesterday so tried catching up on some chores but this was pushing my HR too high, making me breathless and pale.

This morning my resting HR is 20 higher than usual which previously combined with it increasing more than usual when I tried to do anything other thay lay down was resolved by reduction in levothyroxine.

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to HGP1

2 months post Booster and back to usual health as per a year ago before having any vaccines. The improvement they caused in my thyroid levels has continued, Although I think starting to wane a little since Booster (TSH 1.2 last week, was 0.73 in October pre booster on 50mg a year ago was 0.1) I'm only taking 37.5mg levothyroxine compared to 87.5mg 3 days, 100mg 1 day alternation. I expect I'll go back to 50mg over next couple of months and felt good on this pre booster. I'm waiting on cardiac investigation in a couple of weeks so not changing meds until after this and will probably get a private test to see what fT3&4 are doing.

I also have ME (CFS) and wonder if I come into the category a recent study on long covid mentioned "pro-inflammatory cytokines fails to ‘switch off’ after the initial triggering infection" and the vaccine triggered my body to start working again.

It will certainly be interesting if any studies look at others whose thyroid function improved due to vaccine and underlying reasons.

More info on long covid study I look like from here

HGP1 profile image
HGP1 in reply to HGP1

Oh and more importantly the vaccine protected me against covid, my partner who I live with got it over Xmas but I didn't, I was in close contact with a couple more people after Xmas as well but was fine. Which I'm very thankful for as expect if so did contract I have months if not years recovery triggering severe ME.I actually felt really good Xmas morning and spend 5 hours cooking, singing to music and dancing about the kitchen so did wonder if that may my immune system kicking in as he tested positive Xmas eve with a suspect test the day before

Valarian profile image

Moderna booster following AZ for first time two doses. Flu jab twelve days previously. No reaction to flu, slight sore arm following AZ, slight headache following AZ. Sore arm next day from Moderna, slight feeling of nausea the same day, very tired and dopey the next day. Stiff and sore joints for a couple of days.

CV-19 profile image

Mild Covid infection in March 2020, and developed ongoing Long Covid. No hint of hypothyroidism back then.1st dose Pfizer February 2021 : exacerbation of all LongCovid symptoms following that, plus a frozen shoulder (extremely painful and debilitating) which have never gone away. Lots of blood tests which were all fine.

2nd dose Pfizer May 2021:

No changes to any symptoms, which have always been breathlessness on very mild exertion, Orthostatic intolerance, fatigue, swollen glands in neck and throat, ghastly palpitations and ectopic beats, plus lots of other stuff.

Booster Moderna + flu: November 2021, mild symptoms.

In October my GP did more bloods. TSH had gone from 4.2 to 14.8 in the months since pre 1st Pfizer.

Started 50mcg Levothyroxine on 23/10/21, and I fancy that I’m feeling very very slightly better - but that could be wishful thinking!

Yoll profile image

I understand everyone is getting Pfizer!3 days on I'm starting to feel better, very achy after the booster and tired with face migraine or neuralgia which I haven't had for a long time but it could be the time of the year, I had AZ for the first two. Had a bit Candida flare up after the 1st, and flu like symptoms after the second and third, not much of an ache in the arm.!

SeasideSusie profile image

First 2 vaccinations Astra Zenica. Booster was Pfizer.

No reaction at all to first 2 vaccinations.

After the booster the injection site was a bit achy for a few hours and I felt a bit more tired and a bit more breathless than normal (I have lung disease so suffer breathlessness), this lasted for about 3 days.

As some people have said/wondered if it makes a difference to thyroid test results, I tested with MonitorMyHealth 10 days after booster. FT4 and FT3 have come back higher than in my July MMH test - FT4 increased from 65% to 80% through range, FT3 from 78% to 95% through range. I have no idea if this is a result of the booster so will repeat test in a couple of months.

McPammy profile image

I had my booster 2 days ago. I had AZ for first two vaccinations. I felt dreadful after my first AZ vaccination for 3 days. I felt nothing at all from my 2nd AZ vaccination. I had Pfizer for my booster and felt quite bad. Shivering, aching etc flu like symptoms and sore arm. Feeling bad I believe is a good thing as you know that your immune system is responding well to fight covid if you catch it. I’d be more concerned if I felt nothing at all for all my vaccinations. I now feel more protected. I have Hashimotos and have the DIO2 gene positive. Generally I feel very well these days with my thyroid levels good and vitamins all optimal, it did take a while to get myself optimal but all good now and keeping it there.

2 x Pfizer initially - first no reaction, second one a bit fluey the evening of the jab. Moderna booster yesterday and temp, aching, nausea and vomiting overnight. Wasn’t expecting that. Just tired now (unsurprisingly) and hoping the worst is over

nellie237 profile image
nellie237 in reply to

Hi Tillyxx,

I was very, very close to vomiting after the Moderna booster (I wasn't expecting that either), and see that you are coeliac too. I thought you might be interested, and hope that you are feeling better.

If they decide we need to get another booster I am not having Moderna again. The 1st 2 jabs I had were AZ.

in reply to nellie237

That is interesting. I ran a high temp for 3 days and felt dreadful. I’d have it again if needs be, but would choose any other if there was a choice!

Boatin profile image

First two jabs Astrazeneca. Reacted to first jab with fatigue and aches/pains. No reaction to 2nd. Moderna Booster - really awful vertigo and my tinnitus was elevated to another level! This happened 36 hours after - not sure if related or just coincidence.

nellie237 profile image

The 1st 2 jabs I had were AZ. The booster was Moderna. Side effects were mild flu symptoms for 24hrs. The worst symptom was nausea.

Bookworm63 profile image

Just wanted to say I had flu jab at the end of September and I was fine. Had AZ for first covid jabs and had Pfizer booster last week. One thing I've noticed is with the first AZ jab and now after the Pfizer one I had similar flu type symptoms which went after about a day. However one more lasting after effect on both jabs is that in the early hours of the morning, between about 4 and 5am I wake up with burning pain in my throat neck chin and tongue. It lasts for about a couple of hours and then I fall back to sleep and when I wake up its gone. I remember it did eventually disappear with first jab and hopefully will gradually go away again soon. Can't remember how long it took to go though. Think it was at least a couple of weeks. Has anyone else experienced this?

helvella profile image

Having had AstraZeneca for my first two vaccinations, two weeks ago I had Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty as a “booster”.

The injection was noticeable rather than almost undetectable like the AstraZeneca. (The nurse was obviously very experienced, so I suspect the needle/vaccine rather than skill.) I chose the opposite arm to my AstraZeneca, so I could be sure I was separating the injection locations.

Over the next few days, I had very minor discomfort around the injection site. Not at all significant.

Then I went through a few days when I felt slightly warmer than usual. It was as if I was very slightly over-dosed on levothyroxine. Which has resolved and am back to how I felt before the booster.

thyreoidea profile image

Had COVID booster (Pfizer) 36 hours ago first 2 were AZ. Hot and shivery about 15 hours later with headache, joint pains and flu like symptoms.

2nd night now clammy and heart over 120 even with paracetamol, hopefully this will pass


3rd day. Was still feeling under the weather and seem to need more fluid as thirstier than normal.

4th day. Feeling a lot better but still have a thirst, do not think I have eaten anything salty.

First 2 vaccines were AZ

1st Shivering and headache later in the day as I had it around 10am, could not get warm in bed that night. Took paracetamol for headache which lasted about 36hours.

2nd No side effects to talk off.

Yorkie27 profile image

Sorry, I missed the top one - yes I am taking prescription medication. First two doses A Z and booster P sore arm but that was all.

Ellie-Louise profile image

First two vaccinations were Astra Zeneca. I had no reaction whatsoever with those.The booster was Phizer, we were given no choice over the booster which was given by an NHS centre set up in Chichester carpark.

I had damaged my knee ligaments a couple of months earlier (X-ray next Monday) and although I could walk carefully to the centre from the car, about 3/4 hour after having the booster the pain in my knee joint was so unbearable that I couldn’t walk a single step or put any weight on my knee. It was definitely the jab that had caused so much more pain in the joint.

fuchsia-pink profile image
fuchsia-pink in reply to Ellie-Louise

I also had my booster in the Chichester car park, with Pfizer after AZ initially.

I could feel the first two jabs but didn't feel a thing with the booster, and no problems afterwards [most of my friends and family have had "issues" with a Pfizer booster after AZ so I'm feeling pretty lucky]

Sorry you've had problems - bope your knee is better soon x

Ellie-Louise profile image
Ellie-Louise in reply to fuchsia-pink

Yours were the opposite to mine then, I didn’t feel the first two but the booster hurt like heck when she stuck the needle in.

Thank you, so do I because the constant pain is knife like nagging, it stops me sleeping too. x

Bookworm63 profile image
Bookworm63 in reply to Ellie-Louise

That's really interesting Ellie-Louise. I've been having knee problems recently and it was getting better but since the booster its got increasingly more swollen and painful but until now I hadn't put the two together

Ellie-Louise profile image
Ellie-Louise in reply to Bookworm63

You have my sympathy, you don’t give a single thought to walking about until it gets difficult. x

Bookworm63 profile image
Bookworm63 in reply to Ellie-Louise

You're so right! I've been walking about Christmas shopping very gingerly and I tried to help my daughter with packing for her moving house next week and I felt so flipping useless! Think I need to just try and rest it up for couple of days. Hope your knee is better soon x

Sparklingsunshine profile image
Sparklingsunshine in reply to Bookworm63


Had booster yesterday, all 3 of mine were Pfizer, usual really, a bit headachey, felt a bit sick, sore aching arm. My husband is the same, we had all our jabs at the same time, his arm is hurting quite a bit more than the last two times. Feel a bit achey today but I worked out last night so could be that.

Had a flu jab about a month ago, just had a sore arm with that one.

amala57 profile image

I had little reaction to first 2 astra zenica jabs. Had my moderna booster on Friday morning & by evening was feeling very unwell. Headache, severe burning in my feet all night, insomnia, slight fever, very painful arm. However, now feel fine 48 hours later. Phew!

Edgarepoe profile image

Hi , I am a 64 year old female and have Hashimotos and Gluten intolerance. I follow a strict GF diet . My Hashis was well controlled and stable for over 7 years on 100 mcg of Levothyroxine. I had my first covid Astra Zeneca jab on 1/3/21 . There were no immediate side effects that sprung to mind. My second vaccine (AZ) was given on 23/5/21 . The only effect was a metallic taste in my mouth within half an hour of having it. June passed by with a general feeling of being out of sorts but nothing I could put my finger on

By the start of July 2021 I was feeling quite unwell and my resting heart rate had dropped to 48 bpm with my sleeping heart rate dipping to 38bpm. Blood tests showed my TSH levels had risen and my free T3 had dropped. My doctor raised my Thyroxine to 125mcg . I didn’t feel any better . In Early November I had the flu jab followed by my Booster Vaccination - this time it was the Pfizer vaccine. Everything seemed well until the Fourth day by which time I was feeling sick and headachy. However I woke in the night sweating and feeling sick with a terrible headache. My temperature was 39deg and I had terrible stomache ache. Within minutes I was violently sick. This state of affairs lasted for the next few days along with diarrhoea and severe pain up the back of my neck into my head. It’s been over a week since this episode and I am suffering with what I can only describe as a Hashimotos Flare / Gluten flare.

It feels like I’ve been on a gluten binge as I keep getting random pains flitting around one joint to another . Tonight while writing this I have terrible backache over the right kidney area , something I get when I have been “ accidentally glutened” I don’t know how to explain all this except it feels as though I have gorged myself on everything gluten and am suffering the consequences.

I have tried to do my bit and have my vaccines as well as my Booster but I won’t be having anymore I need to get well and get my life back .

Catalpa profile image
Catalpa in reply to Edgarepoe

A metallic taste can be a sign that the contents went into directly into a blood vessel rather than into the muscle. This is often associated with worse side effects. I hope you feel better soon.

Lotus-Blossom profile image

Thanks for including me in your survey. Very interesting.

Localhero profile image

My first two injections were Astra Zeneca. With both, I had extreme tiredness that lasted for weeks. I had the Moderna booster two days ago. The first day, I felt slightly nauseous and my arm and shoulder started aching. Now, I’ve developed flu/cold symptoms (raised temperature, runny nose, sneezing) though as yet have not had anything like the same tiredness as with the first lot.

TaraJR profile image

I had Astra Zeneca for my first 2 doses, and very little by way of side effects.I had the Pfizer booster after 6 months. I take thyroxine and T4.

After a couple of days I became very very tired, and my heartrate went up a lot. I thought my thyroid may have spiked, so I reduced my T3 and my heartrate went down the next day.

However I soon had symptoms of being very hypo, so gradually increased my T3 to the dose it had been before.

All in all, my huge tiredness lasted over 4 weeks. It certainly put me out of action for much of each day over that time.

It may have been just the booster side effect itself, or it may have changed caused a spike in my thyroid level. I won't ever know, but I did yellow card it, citing thyroid changes. There are some other similar reports on the yellow card site.

lea57-49r profile image

I had Pfizer for my first and second vaccinations. After first vaccination, I had flu like symptoms for 2/3 days and after the second Pfizer vaccination I felt as though I had worse flu like symptoms that lasted a week. I had Moderna for my booster and it was 12 hours after my vaccination that I started to have nausea and really painful ears and throat. I also had a raised temperature. This lasted for 2/3 weeks. I'm only now feeling better. This would not put me off having the vaccinations as I prefer to have this bit of discomfort for a while in order to protect me from Covid.

SarahJane1471 profile image

I felt terrible after the booster. BUT I very close friend is a medical researcher involved in trails of AZ and she tells me that many are reporting a bad reaction to their boosters. Especially if the booster is different to the original two vaccines.

raggydolly profile image

I had AZ for first two and Moderna for the booster. Had a bad reaction to the first dose of AZ but it only lasted 24hrs. Was fine after the second. Felt like I'd been hit by a dump truck after the Moderna booster. Painful arm, fatigue, feverish, and nausea for around 3 days. Was still not 100% after 5 days.

Tristy profile image

I had AZ for first two and Pfizer for booster. Had bad reaction to first dose of AZ, nothing with 2nd and the booster was fine. Had mild flu symptoms for 24 hours with booster, bit nauseous but nothing bad really which I was relieved about after having such a bad experience with first AZ jab.

Turquoise133 profile image

I have subclinical autoimmune hypothyroid and am not on levothyroxine. My first two vaccinations were AZ: the booster was Pfizer. Each vaccination triggered an attack of thyroiditis. The first jab gave me the worst side effects, they have gradually declined with each one. Side effects to AZ were severe: 24 hours of headache, viral aches and pains moving around my arms and legs, shivering, exhaustion. It took a week to recover. The second dose symptoms were milder- headache, swollen neck glands, thyroiditis. Took a week to recover.

Side effects to Pfizer booster were sore arm, severe exhaustion and thyroiditis - two days to recover. Thyroiditis still continues 3 weeks later.

bantam12 profile image

1st two AZ no side effects other than slight headache and slight increase in ectopics after 1st one. Booster was Pfizer (which was the one I requested, I wouldn't have Moderna) and no side effects at all.

Vanlife21 profile image

I take Levothyroxine.I had my first two jabs - AZ - back in March/June. No side effects at all. If I pressed my arm quite hard after the first jab, there was a tiny bit of soreness but nothing for the second jab.

I had the booster - Moderna - a couple of weeks ago, with a flu jab at the same time, in the same arm. I had a noticeably sore arm for a few days, but I can't tell if it was the Moderna or flu jab that did that - they were only an inch or so apart!

Christabel profile image

Extreme muscle pain in both arms, neck and upper back, which also happened with the second. This time my legs are painful as well, and I've barely slept since the booster (two nights). Low mood as well, but that could be because of other things.

ayjayelle profile image

I had no effect from the booster, slight effects from first dose, minor effects possible from second dose.

littlecandle profile image

I had my booster on Friday evening. I received the Moderna one. My vaccines were both Pfizer. I felt fine on Saturday morning, but by mid-afternoon I was chilled beyond belief and shivering. I made tea but was too nauseated to eat more than a few bites. I felt slightly better during the evening, but then became very hot. I couldn't sleep properly because if the covers were pulled up, I was too hot, but if they were down even a tiny bit I was shivering. I felt a bit better yesterday, but exhausted all day. I slept better last night, but I am still exhausted. I still have some soreness at the injection site.

Hashymo profile image

I have Hashimotos. My first two vaccines were AZ. After both, my feet and ankles became noticeably puffy and swollen and felt strange. In each case this lasted for around six weeks. After second AZ, my fingers on both hands also became swollen and puffy and this like the feet and ankles lasted around six weeks. Also had very bad pain in the arm after the second AZ injection (?poor injection technique) which still hasn't fully resolved 6 months later. I did a yellow card for the AZ vaccines. I had Moderna booster at the end of November, 3 days after flu jab, and much to my relief only experienced a very heavy feeling arm for 48 hours!

Farrugia profile image

I had AZ for first two vaccinations and Moderna booster ten days ago. I felt terrible after the first AZ for about a week with a lot of different symptoms. Ok after the second AZ apart from sore arm. After the booster I felt a bit strange for 24 hours, very tearful the next day and then nauseous a couple of days after that. I had a painful arm for about a week and have felt quite tired. Overall it wasn't too bad and affected me much less than the first AZ jab.

BrynGlas profile image

No problem with any vaccination. I had 3 Covid, Flu and the Pneumonia vaccine. I am female, 69 years hypothyroid since 1999

dizzy864 profile image

I finally had my third jab - I d put it off for over 2 months. I d been really dreadful for over six weeks after my second Pfizer jab. Lots of pain from muscle aches that lasted months. I refused to have another Pfizer. I was very lucky, I only had to travel an extra couple of miles to get moderna instead. I m so glad I did! My arm was very slightly sore for three days. My tummy felt odd for about a week. Slightly upset too. That was it! Absolutely amazing for me - I always react really badly but not this time.

Lynneypin profile image

Terribly ill after AZ first jab. D&V and cardiac issues. Long time before given go ahead for 2nd. Booster was Pfizer and 48hrs later only experienced sore arm and headache.

knitwitty profile image

I had my booster ( Pfizer the same as the first two jabs) only had a sore arm for a couple of days otherwise I was fine. My OH had the Pfizer as a booster ( following 2 AZ jabs ) he had a sore arm for less than 12 hours and he was fine too.

Thyrigia profile image

Hi I had two vaccinations both AstraZeneca. I was pestered by GP surgery and NHS to have the booster but declined as they could not offer me an AstraZeneca booster only Pfizer or Moderna. I respond very badly to chemical, allopathic medication and did not want to risk possible untoward side effects from mixing vaccines. It did not seem logical to do so to me. I am also not sure whether there is enough sound research yet to justify the booster. I have had total thyroidectomy and take NDT plus mainly use homeopathic remedies supervised by qualified MD/homeopath or self treat. From Thyrigia

Buntikins profile image

First two were AstraZeneca. First one: Symptoms started approx 6 hrs later. Chills, rigours (nobody told me to take Paracetamol) and general malaise/severe fatigue for a few days. The rigours lasted for hours and were scary.Second one: Much better. General malaise and tiredness for a day or two. I took the paracetamol this time.

Booster: Moderna: Knocked me for six. Paracetamol seemed to prevent the rigours, but symptoms started approx 6 hours later. Severe general malaise and fatigue. Drowsiness. Sweating. Palpitations. Could barely lift head from pillow for a week. Didn't feel much better 2nd week. Sore, swollen arm this time too - but that was the least of my worries.

I felt like a hypochondriac as nobody I know had such severe symptoms,