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I cant stop worrying about my mri


So annoyed. had MRI 1 month ago tomorrow just rang up the secretary who told me its not even been looked at yet as my consult has been on call for 2 weeks so he hasn't had chance to look over the report and write out to me about it, You would think that someone would cover for him, what if me or someone else had something wrong which needed further investing and now its been delayed by at least 2 weeks cause hes been on call, Such bullshit

Im worrying now about it being delayed just incase there was something on the mri scan


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I would have thought if there was anything to worry about they would have got back to you before now!

Scans are read and interpreted first by a Radiologist not whoever referred you such as a gastroenterologist. Please do not worry. If anything harmful showed up the Radiologist should’ve highlighted that to another doctor. I know it is worrying but I’m sure you’ll be ok.

I completely sympathise. Cant get the result of My CT scan colonoscopy done last Tuesday because consultant is on leave. So worried about cancer.

If there was anything serious it would be red flaged to be read by a doc straight away

Try to stop worrying. If there were anything glaringly amiss they would make it known straightaway. The radiographers are always on the alert. I used to work in radiology and nothing much gets past them. If there were a bairn being scanned everyone would stop what they were doing and go over to the machine to assure themselves that all was well.

I always found that sniffing the vapour from the peel of a tangerine stopped nausea instantly. Make small incisions in the skin and then inhale the fragrance. Then eat it if you can. It never failed when I was pregnant but I don’t know if it works for everyone.

Nausea is the worst feeling and I’ll be thinking of you. con tanto amore e buon natale


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