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Where can I use my RADAR key

I live In Birmingham and I am a sufferer of IBS and BAM cause by glandular fever which damaged my bowel when I was 16 years old, now 28 my condition has rencently got worse and it has effected my life dramatically, I became a mother 2 years ago and my conditions often interfere with my quality time with my daughter making it nearly impossible to take her out on trips and even taking her to the sea side without worrying where the nearest toilets are. I purchased a RADAR key for me to use as a lot of the time I have a sudden urge to use the toilet and can not hold it which can be very embarrassing and have had accidents previously, but the problem is I don't where abouts I can use the key if needed around the uk.

Can anyone help??

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It is useful at motorway service stations (disabled toilet), sometimes in pubs and even public toilets in shopping areas where there are disabled toilets. You will get funny looks and even accusations of not being disabled as ours is a hidden disability. Our local Morrisons has a sticker on its disabled toilet door reminding people that not all disabilities are visible. Just stick to your guns and know that for you it can be a lifesaver and can save you a lot of embarrassment.

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You can use a RADAR key to open any disabled toilet in the UK

Also get an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society - I've used it in pubs and cafes - also it comes in several languages and I've used mi e in France and Italy

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Agree on the other replies and yes Morrisons are good about it!

How can you see spine damage/MS/Fibro/IBS/and a whole host of things that are not at the stage of advancement where visible like crutches/wheelchair etc!

Many are to quick to judge others!

Look for any place that has a disabled toilet signage soon know once see has the lock is a longer silver colour for your key so has a mortice lock type slot ones ive seen have red engraved words on it and have a long curved handle.

My local swimming pool has changing facilities that use that key also.


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