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I'm new on here info on me

Hello my name is Craig I have encopresis and enuresis, adhd, special need and chronic constipation,IBS. I have had this problem since birth and I'm 25 now still having encopresis and enuresis.I used to be in diapers / pull ups for both when i was younger till like 19 then I stop having a lot of accident then I stopped wearing diapers and pull ups then it started back up when I was 20 now I'm 25 and still having same problem when I was younger still having encopresis and bed-wetting problems not as much as I do but still having accidents now i wear depends pull ups for both at night and some times in day.I need some help if any one has question or want to talk let me know I get back to you thanks. #bedwetting #encopresis #IBS

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Have you looked at this website? Do copy and paste the link below into your browser it is from someone that has encoparesis.


Also do you drink lots of water and have a diet with fibre.

I find yakult helps for constipation but for your particular problem you may have to talk to others with the same problem on a self help group.

I would put "self help encoparesis adults" into google and see what other things come up for you.

I hope that you get the help you need and that your parents are supportive if you are still living at home.


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