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Severe pain

Hi, I am currently experiencing severe abdominal pains all down my front, not localised to a particular area, which comes in waves of agony. It's not constant. It started yesterday with feeling sick and bad headache and also an uncomfortable feeling inside, like my organs inside my ribs were twisted or being poked. I had these pains over New Year as well at the same time as a kidney infection which I don't have this time. By the time I went to the doctors last time it had stopped so they just shrugged it off and said probably Gastroenteritis even though I wasn't sick and no diarrhea. I've just signed up to this sight because it sounds like it could possibly be IBD? It just really hurts and I have to keel over and scream, then it stops, then it happens again. I don't feel sick anymore but my headache has been non stop.

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